Limelight Orchestrates Content Publishing
These days Web publishing is less like making great music in a band, and more like managing an entire orchestra. With that thought in mind, Limelight Networks is introducing Limelight Orchestrate.

The new solution framework offers flexible ways to manage the complexity of digital content publishing, including media workflow management, cloud-based services, marketing automation technologies, and analytics (in essence, everything you need to manage the customer experience. The combination, according to the Tempe, Arizona-based company, is a management system to orchestrate digital content from a variety of devices and sources.

Publish Once, Deliver Anywhere

The instruments in this orchestra include video publishing and management, Web content management, cloud storage, site acceleration, and Content Delivery Network (CDN) services. Orchestrate also includes tools for incorporating social media and for reporting.

Senior Vice President David Hatfield noted in a statement that mobile technologies in particular pose challenges for digital content publishing. He added that Limelight’s Orchestrate will help publishers with its “true ‘publish once, deliver anywhere’ functionality.”

In its announcement, Limelight cited one of their customers, Vance Publishing, which produces 15 magazines, over 50 newsletters, and nearly three dozen Websites. Vance Vice President Dean Horowitz noted in a statement that, for a substantial publisher such as themselves, “workflow is such a central component” of their effort that the ability to manage everything “from an integrated dashboard and stored in a single repository” enables them to increase their publishing frequency and focus on revenue-generating opportunities, such as ads.

Automatic Conversion

For publishing video content, Limelight offers Orchestrate for Video Publishing, which includes CDN, video management and publishing, Web management and publishing, and intelligent storage, all provided through cloud-based services.

The Video Publishing product is modular, so that workflow solutions can be modified, and its services are available for integration via Web-based interfaces or an API.

Video publishers in particular have to account for how their content plays back on the many mobile devices. To facilitate that kind of deployment, Orchestrate for Video Publishing provides its Stream Anywhere service, which automatically converts video content into required formats by utilizing Adobe’s Media Server 4.5.

Limelight Networks offers cloud-based apps for online content, e-commerce, marketing and advertising that utilize the company’s global platform. The company says that over 1800 customers worldwide use its products and services.