We put a lot of stock in linking. Inbound marketing practically thrives on linking. Linking helps SEO, our credibility as authors and gives people additional context as they read. But when was the last time you checked on whether or not those links performed well? Are people clicking on them? Are they even the right links? Enter LinkSmart and its total link management solution.

Link Smarter

LinkSmart is more than a program to optimize your links, it aims to help publishers of all sizes control how and when links are placed within their own content. Link management is still a manual task. And if you have thousands of pages on your site, adding links, never mind adding the right links, can be a laborious process.

And who better than the former CEO of Daily Candy, the free daily email newsletter and website, to recognize and understand the struggles that publishers face. After all, linking within emails is a critical way to drive traffic and boost engagement. We spoke with Pete Sheinbaum, CEO of LinkSmart about how link engagement and management can be streamlined and optimized for smarter web experiences and increased revenue.

Broken Links

There are two main challenges when it comes to link management and web publishing. First, publishers have a lot of archived content, much of which was added to the web before linking was a best practice. Second, once links are added, it’s not common practice to analyze what users are clicking on within an article.


LinkSmart serves to provide the ability for publishers and content managers to optimize the links being used, see the analytics and performance for links and manage traffic in real time. Sheinbaum says it’s like having a joystick or throttle for each link, from which you can decide how to optimize it. With LinkSmart, publishers have the tools to direct traffic where they need it, when they need it.

Learning Opportunities

There's no software to install, just a few lines of JavaScript in the globalfooter of your site or on the pages you want to manage, and you're ready to go. From there, the Total Link Management (TLM) solution provides end-to-end functionality, revealing actionable insights into reader engagement and giving publishers the power to leverage organic traffic, optimize visits, reduce costs and create new revenueopportunities.

Serenity Now

By linking smarter, you can increase engagement, drive revenue and, best yet, have a new perspective through which to make editorial decisions. There’s really no downside to optimizing your linking strategy and managing it to engage readers. You can decrease your bounce rate, keep readers on your site longer and improve your site’s business model. In a world of web publishing gone mad, LinkSmart might just provide an easy and manageable way to control the things of which you still have control.