Lionbridge, LivePerson Partner to Deliver Real-Time Chat for the Global Customer

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Being able to chat in real-time across a variety of websites when you need help is a luxury afforded to us by companies like LivePerson. However, as companies expand their presence across continents and countries, real-time chat often finds itself thwarted by language barriers. Thanks to a partnership between Lionbridge and LivePerson, a powerful, integrated cloud-based multilingual chat application has been born.

Real-Time Help in Any Language

GeoFluent, as you may recall was the product of Lionbridge’s parternship with IBM. A combination of cloud-based language customization solution with IBM’s statistical machine translation engine, GeoFluent gives businesses access to a real-time SaaS solution which they can customize based on an organization’s business processes, languages and expertise. GeoFluent for LivePerson Chat takes it one step further by providing contact centers and enterprises on-demand, quality translation within their existing LivePerson chat application.

GeoFluent for LivePerson Chat allows English-speaking agents to engage customers and prospects online in multiple languages from one location. Because it can be easily customized to reflect each organization's brands, products, languages and expertise, GeoFluent strips away obstacles so that companies are able to increase online sales conversions, grow average order value, decrease email and voice support costs and improve customer satisfaction scores above other human-assisted channels without having to limit interactions for their global, multilingual customers. 

Learning Opportunities

Promote a Global Customer Experience

Additionally, GeoFluent for LivePerson Chat gives users the ability to:

  • Turn sales agents into "Global Communicators" with real time, proactive multilingual chat for pre-sales engagements within existing LivePerson applications.
  • Reduce costs of in-country support infrastructure and improve time to resolution for international customers by allowing online chat agents to support users in multiple geographies from one location.
  • Ensure privacy of multilingual communication with an enterprise-scale, multi-tenant platform that protects brand integrity and ensures secure multilingual communication.

When we speak of the customer experience, we are reminded that it need not be just for English speaking customers. Like most everything online, customer engagement is a global concept. Limiting a user’s online experience because of an organization’s language limitations is no longer acceptable and certainly not good for business -- no matter how you say it.