The key to being good at all this social stuff is brands need to understand it. Lithium customers will get some added support for this need with its new Social Intelligence solution.

There are very few organizations not engaging with customers across social media today. And many also manage their own customer communities. It takes time and a lot work to ensure this engagement is smart and effective, for both the customer and the brand.

Lithium offers a number of solutions to help organizations manage all this social interaction. 

More than ever, customer experience is the battleground for brands to differentiate themselves and to unlock the real power of social. To succeed brands must create trusted content and engage customers in conversation on their own websites to move their business forward. Lithium’s customers are doing just that,” Lithium President and Chief Executive Officer Rob Tarkoff said.

 Here's a look at what's new in the pipe for Lithium customers.

Social Intelligence

This is a new cloud-based analytics offering that enables organizations to measure social ROI and learn how to improve social customer programs. The solution used advanced algorithms developed by in-house social scientists to analyze ten years of historical social interaction data across Lithium's 100 million plus active monthly users. New information is added monthly from its user base including both brand owned communities and external social networks.

In the tool managers can review different dashboards or they can drill down into specific conversation threads, or analyze employee performance based on how they are engaging with customers across social networks.

Key features of the Social Intelligence solution include:

  • Community Health Index: This measures the value of a community using six key engagement factors. I suspect this might be similar to something Dachis provides: The Social Performance Monitor.
  • Native Web Analytics: Combines web analytics with community engagement metrics to help determine the high performers in the community.
  • Benchmarking: Organizations can compare their own community performance against others.
  • Mobile Metrics: Specific metrics for those engaging over mobile devices.
  • Monitoring: Detailed insights to help an organization determine when and how to engage.
  • Role-Based Engagement Reports: Personalize reports based on SLA targets

Social Intelligence will work on pretty much any device and it's integrated with all the other Lithium solutions.

Lithium Social Customer Experience Platform

Lithium's Customer Experience platform is an entire suite of solutions designed to support a brands interactions with owned communities and the social media overall. Social Intelligence is the newest solution in this week which also includes:

  • Lithium Communities: An engine for turning brand websites into social destinations where
  • passionate customers create trusted content
  • Lithium Social Web: A console for responding in real-time on social channels, engaging
  • directly with customers, and connecting them to the trusted content that meets their needs.
  • Lithium Mobile: An optimized experience for customers to consume and participate in
  • community conversations anytime, anywhere.
  • Lithium Developer Network: An extensive set of APIs and supporting tools that let brands
  • customize, extend, and integrate the Lithium Platform

New features and functions announced run across all these solutions:

  • A modern user experience to support the creation of communities on websites and mobile devices.
  • Extended support for badges and notifications
  • The addition of Google+ to the Social Web console
  • A new documentation center for the Developer Network
  • and of course, the new Social Intelligence solution mentioned above

Lithium also announced it has joined the SAP PartnerEdge Program as a Solution and Technology Partner. This enables SAP customers to extend their web channel products with Lithium capabilities such as community functions and user generated content.

All of this is announced at Lithium Network Conference, with demos of some of the new capabilities.