Livefyre introduced a new engagement management system today called StreamHub, and it takes the company's interactive commenting system to a deeper level, with more features and control. 

StreamHub will be available to existing Livefyre customers right away, and for publishers especially, the new features should help drive traffic, increase social interactions about their company and generally make those websites even more interactive. 

Conversations Across Networks

Livefyre already integrates social media into its commenting system, but StreamHub adds an engagement dashboard for customizing layouts and tailoring the conversation by categories like topic or location.

By making it easy for people to link social media to comments, conversations can go back and forth across networks and mobile devices. StreamHub has two main components; Core and Curate. Core is the bulk of the system, and once that is set up, customers can opt for the Curate feature. StreamHub Core adds the engagement dashboard, and the ability to easily filter content to tailor a website with the kinds of ideas that build engaging relationships.

Here's how the dashboard works:


StreamHub expands a website's reach, and with Curate, can even pull in content from around the Web.

Engaging Comments and Liveblogging

Through Twitter's API and RSS, content from around the Web can be pulled into a liveblog, chat or comment stream with Curate. Using hashtags or @ mentions, anything relating to the topic at hand can be gathered from the Web to be used on the host website. 

Livefyre is working on doing the same thing with Facebook, although that feature is not ready yet. The company did not give any hints about other social networks this feature could extend to, but it sounds like it holds bigger potential. 


Curate has real potential to make more personalized online experiences.

One unique way Curate changes liveblogging is the ability to reply to individual posts. Say you are watching the iPhone 5 launch, and a stream of images is going by. With StreamHub, it's not necessary to reply to the whole event, but instead only the images you find relevant. Those comments can be tagged, and followed and replied to just like in a more static page. 

What social platform would be complete without analytics? StreamHub can create customized reports and is compatible with Google Analytics or Omniture. Tell us in the comments if you are an avid commenter and if you think you would like to have your social media integrated like in StreamHub.