LogMeIn Debuts AppGuru for Organizing the Apps People Bring to Work

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Ever feel the need to use the apps already on on your mobile device instead of the work approved ones from your IT department? LogMeIn has developed a tool called AppGuru to help those IT teams organize the mobile apps people can't seem to resist bringing to work.

Identity Management

We've all heard of the bring your own device phenomenon, but there's also such a thing as bring your own app, a trend where people use consumer apps in the workplace they've brought in on their devices. These employee introduced apps are often used without IT oversight, a control and security risk.

AppGuru is a way to address this issue, not by cutting off those workers' ability to use their favored tools, but by bringing those apps into the IT workflow for provisioning and managing in a centralized fashion.

LogMeIn refers to AppGuru as an identity as a service tool, one that provides a single place for setting and enforcing policies for business and personal productivity apps. When AppGuru goes live this fall, it will work with LogMeIn's storage and collaboration tools such as Cubby, as well as Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365. After that, AppGuru will rollout support for other popular apps as well.

Learning Opportunities

App Discovery

As the digital tools so many knowledge workers use proliferates, IT teams have less of an ability to be the gatekeeper of the apps people use. With AppGuru, LogMeIn hopes to give IT departments a way to not only round up those employee introduced apps, but also a way to truly help figure out what workers really like.

Instead of quashing attempts at people using their own favored tools, AppGuru can bring those apps into the fold and made safe for others to use as well. LogMeIn has not yet announced any pricing.