Who talked the most during Social Media Week? Don't bet on the US.

Americans accounted for 50 percent fewer of online conversations than the leading country during Social Media Week, which ends today in 11 cities worldwide. 

Who won? India, by a big margin.

Go India!

Research by Bell Pottinger Wired, an international digital consultancy, has found that India accounted for almost 40 percent of Social Media Week online conversations. The US accounted for just under 19 percent and the UK racked up a little more than 10 percent.

Social hubs including Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi were responsible for generating the most noise, the research found. It confirms recent research by EY, which suggests Indian organizations use social media more than the global average.

How much noise did Social Media Week generate? There were a total of 120,217 online conversations from Twitter, forums, blogs and news. A whopping 119,490 of these conversations took place on Twitter alone. 

Hashtag Happy Cities

People in Mumbai, London and Rome aggressively tweeted the official hashtags #SMWMUMBAI (over 44,000 times), #SMWLDN (over 13,000 times) and #SMWRME (nearly 10,000 times), respectively.

#SMWMUMBAI was also responsible for the most tweeted about event — a speed blogging and Tweetathon.

Other Fun Statistics 

  • Social Media Week generates over 705 million impressions on Twitter
  • It was mentioned 120,217 times on Twitter by more than 50,000 people
  • Men account for 60 percent of Social Media Week conversations (unless, of course, they lose their phones.)

Social Media Week is a media platform and worldwide event with local presence and global reach across five continents, including Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia.