There’s a features war raging between digital marketing vendors. In the latest salvo, Lyris upgraded its core application products, Lyris HQ and Lyris ListManager. The updates include refreshed interfaces, advanced message targeting, enhanced delivery management and new connectivity for managing data integration in a corporate environment.

Lyris HQ combines email, social media, mobile and analytics for campaign management. Version 3.6 offers improvements in permissioning and reporting, and a new interface that is intended to streamline access to the email and marketing functions.

Lyris HQ -3.jpg

The revised Dashboard interface in Lyris HQ

Enterprise Connectors

Version 12 of the on-premises email marketing software ListManager also has a new-look UI for improving user workflow. The company also reports that the release allows more precise control of “proactive and reactive throttling of mail sends” to improve deliverability.

New Enterprise Connectors provide access to Lyris APIs for such functions as List, Contact, Attribute Management or Trigger Configuration, through an interface that helps a marketer orchestrate customer data and workflows for complex campaigns that employ on-premise and cloud-based systems. The Connectors are designed to facilitate using application services from Lyris HG and ListManager for building campaign segments, personalizing content and automating messages.

Lyris CMO Alex Lustberg said in a statement that the Connectors “introduce a new paradigm for connecting with external cloud-based and on-premises systems, bringing together all of the capabilities and insights marketers require in a common ecosystem.”

Lyris Listmanager 3.jpg

Update Calendar interface in Lyris ListManager

Data Exchange

Use cases of the Connectors include enabling a bi-directional data exchange between Lyris and CRMs, data synchronization with e-commerce systems for targeting customers, and integration between Lyris systems and loyalty systems to track and reward the most frequent customers.

As with other digital marketing providers, Lyris is big on big data these days. In June, it released a report conducted by a unit of The Economist newspaper, which said marketers are not effectively using data to understand what consumers actually want.

In October, it unveiled a real-time retargeting solution in partnership with real-time marketing software provider Triggered Messaging. The solution provides data about web browsing and shopping cart abandonment to help automate marketing. It also released a retention automation solution with retention marketing provider Windsor Circle to analyze consumer purchasing patterns and automate retention campaigns.