Open source developers of the Apple persuasion can now download BitNami CMS apps from the Mac App Store, and Drupal, WordPress and Joomla! versions are all there.

Free Apps for Development and Testing

One click tools are always welcome in the development world, and the BitNami Mac apps allow for just that kind of fast deployment of the most popular open source CMSs in the world. Whether building new development projects or just testing out a system before launch, the free apps for Mac users should help speed up the launch process.

Installation and management of these popular open source tools is included in the apps, and a graphical management tool for stopping and starting the servers as well. BitNami is all about making development a tad less painful for the non technical among us, and this move is based on that same thinking. BitNami supports deployment of many other open source environments, and more of them should be coming to the Mac App Store soon, the company has reported.

BitNami's Cross Platform Play

Mac developers have some new BitNami toys to play with, but Microsoft Azure cloud deployments also now have access to a slew of BitNami apps. Starting in January, the company started rolling out its Azure apps, and last week it added more than a dozen more.

Like the Mac roll out, apps like WordPress were launched first, and now BitNami has added apps for SugarCRM, Liferay, Plone and Concrete5 among others. It's likely the company will rollout the Mac versions in a similar manner.


BitNami's Drupal app helps publish and manage a huge variety of content on a website.

With the increased popularity of different cloud configurations, it's not surprising to see BitNami adopt this kind of cross platform approach. This way, whether companies are launching a website on Amazon AWS or an Azure cloud, BitNami apps are there for them to use. Launch anywhere, manage anywhere is the new mantra of the cloud generation, and BitNami obviously intends to be a part of it.