Mobile Video Becomes Location-Aware with BitFlx; Can Make Location-Based Marketing More Interactive
As mobile platforms become more and more popular as tools for information sharing and social networking, businesses are also looking into the potentials of location-targeting in marketing and collaboration. Smartphones and tablet computers -- including the iPhone, iPad, Android devices and others -- can also take advantage of location-awareness, with which a new social networking application by BitFlx (news, site) lets users share videos that are time-bound and location-aware.

Geo-Tagged and Time-Bound Videos

BitFlx is a social video application for Apple iOS devices that integrates video content and locations for better interactivity with one's vicinity, says BitFlx founder and CEO Sebastian Andreatta.

BitFlx creates a window into what's happening near and now and provides a new way for users to experience their community, both visually and by location. We believe BitFlx will help shape the way members of communities engage with one another in a compelling and visual manner.

Social networking and collaboration become more interesting when the location and time aspects are embedded in the content. Think of checking into a place, but only with video and not just a short textual post. Most smartphones and tablets today -- from cheapest to most high-end -- will have GPS and location-sensing built-in, and so tagging content for location has never been more accessible.


BitFlx interface on iPhone

BitFlx interface on the iPhone shows time-bound and geo-tagged videos

BitFlx is not just about location, though. Unlike YouTube, which acts more as an archive of shared video content, BitFlx displays shared video by the day, organized by place. This means that relevant videos today might no longer be as relevant tomorrow, although they are still accessible.

Collaboration, Marketing, Events, Crowdsourcing

The applications of location-aware video sharing are actually diverse. While initially intended to augment the capabilities of existing social networks like Facebook, BitFlx can also be used in a variety of applications. For instance, videos can be used to document events and activities from any location. Businesses can interact with BitFlx users through localized video content (commercial sites are given a special mention in the BitFlx interface). Organizations can crowd-source content, asking members for contributions that can be tagged according to time and place.

BitFlx is a free application for the iPhone and iPad, and iPod Touch, and is currently available for download through the iTunes App Store. The developers are currently working on an Android version, which is targeted for release later this year.