mBlox announced a cloud-based mobile marketing solution that delivers personalized content to customers while also collecting user analytics.

Engaging Customers

Forecasters predict that the mobile and social media industry will grow into a US$ 100 billion market by 2015, so expect to see many mobile marketing solutions roll out between now and then. mBlox, a mobile interaction and payment solutions provider, says its new mobile marketing solution, mBlox Engage, can make your mobile applications smarter by using real-time location aware content delivery and customer activity reporting.

mBlox Engage software libraries are incorporated into a company's downloadable apps, making the apps cloud-connected and allowing them to deliver personalized messages, such as location-relevant coupons, to customers. "Our research has found that 90% of young people aged between 18 and 24 spend up to five hours a day on their mobile device, and there's a huge opportunity for brands to capitalize on this throughout 2012," mBlox CMO Michele Turner says.

The libraries can wake up the app when it sleeps, gather location details by GPS or cell towers, push rich content through WiFi or at a designated battery level to preserve battery life, geo- or time-trigger content, understand a consumer's mobile browser history and more.

Mobile Matters

The mBlox research results released last week also say that 30% of consumers like brands to send them promotions through their mobile phones. According to the announcement, "The research also found a huge rise in sustained mobile phone usage per day, with 89% of young people aged between 18 and 24 spending up to five hours a day on their mobile device and nearly one in ten (9%) spending between five and 10 hours a day on their mobile phones."

In addition to pushing rich content and enabling campaign targeting and management, the mBlox Engage solution lets marketers identify who the customer is, and the customer's current location and location history.