Medallia's all for closing the loop on customer complaints. But it doesn't want to seal the deal there.

Business cliches aside, the customer experience provider out of Palo Alto, Calif., today released Medallia Resolve. Officials said it will help companies find the root causes of recurring customer pain points so they can be addressed at the source of the problem -- and never happen again.

It's learning what "caused you to close the loop in the first place," said Sam Keninger, senior director of product marketing for Medallia.

"No one else is going to be able to aggregate the postmortem root cause en masse across a distributed customer base," Keninger told CMSWire. "That's the key. Having all of your distributed employees type in the workflows they took and the actions they took and be able to aggregate that up with all their customer experience data."

Still Growing

2015-21-January-Sam Keninger.png
We talked about Medallia's growth in April, and it hasn't slowed down. Then, they told us they had 400 employees. Nine months later, they have more than 600 worldwide with offices in Palo Alto, New York, London, Buenos Aires and Australia.

Officials told us year-over-year revenues have tripled in the last 18 months with its fiscal year revenue growth growing by 229 percent from 2009 to 2013.

Their technology is backed by their "voice of the customer" promise -- how companies will know the voice of their customers and how to respond accordingly to provide solid experiences.

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"Our core distinction is we take the concept of operationalizing a customer feedback program very seriously where our competitors focus on market research and insights," Keninger said. "That's important, too, but we want to make sure the voice of the customer is literally wired throughout an enterprise."

Inside Resolve

Medallia Resolve’s new features include:

  • Case management tools that help companies engage with customers when things go wrong
  • Enhanced internal collaboration tools, which aggregate historical data from all touchpoints to give employees ability to solve customer problems, and allow them to pull in teammates for help
  • Upgraded reporting dashboard, which helps identify root causes of recurring customer pain points -- including broken processes, common misunderstandings and training gaps
  • Real time mobile app, which alerts employees about customer issues and provides the ability to respond 

"It's not just about closing the loop," Keninger said, "but fixing the underlying problems."