Commercials are funny things, never more so than when one brand compares itself against another. So, here we see Microsoft trying to raise the profile of Windows Phones, and the Nokia Lumia 920, by challenging users of Samsung's current hero. 

Your Local Hero

Personally, I'm waiting for a Nokia 620 so I can try out Windows Phone without the another contract, but its always good to see how the Windows Phone brand is comparing itself against its rivals. A new advert launched Thursday on the web, challenging "real people, not actors" to a showdown against their Galaxy S3 phones. 

Using Local Scout, the advert shows the Windows Phone user "Ben" tracking down local information a lot faster than they can on Google Search. While its not exactly a like-to-like comparison (how many people would still try and use Google Search despite their phone have better features for a task) its an interesting test. 

Take the Challenge

You can see the advert here, and while these lucky folks got free phones for taking part, it pretty much ignores them having to weigh up the value of the investment in their current ecosystem before jumping ship. That would be a big enough pause for thought before splashing out on a new contract in the real world. 

If you were offered a Windows Phone for free, would you take it over your existing device? Having to learn your way around the new OS, among other factors.

There's also the fact the insanely powerful Galaxy S4 will be unveiled in just a few weeks, with Samsung likely to show off new features to improve the overall offering of its phone, like new Wallet app for example.