For this week's Mobile App of the Week, we're looking at the newly released, iPhone version of the calendar app -- Fantastical.

Created by Flexibits, Fantastical is marketed towards those who want an alternative to some of the other calendar apps -- such iCal or Agenda Calendar. Fantastical was originally launched in 2011, as an ad-product for Mac laptops. Over the past year, it's proven to be a formidable opponent for the Mac version of iCal and its smartphone equivalent is no different.

What Does it Offer

Along with the basic calendar functions -- like adding events and organizing meetings -- there are a variety of other features that Fantastical offers: 

  • Events and their details can be added by using a dictation feature and tapping add -- or by using the keyboard. 
  • With Day Ticker, users can horizontally, scroll through the days and see what's on their schedule. Events are organized by morning and afternoon and represented by colored bars on an individual day. The Day Ticker can also be turned off and users can choose to see their schedule as a monthly calendar.
  • Fantastical is compatible with other calendars -- like Google Calendar and Facebook Events.
  • The app is available in and understands five different languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.


The Day Ticker feature.

How to Get Fantastical

As part of their launch, Fantastical for the iPhone is available from iTunes at US$ 1.99, 50% off the app’s usual price. It’s compatible with iPhone 3GS and higher, third generation and higher iPod Touch and the iPad. It requires iOS 5.0 or higher. As an app that’s made specifically for Apple devices, Fantastical is not available for Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry.


The negatives, although only a couple, included:

  • The inability for users to add reminders and therefore, have to make sure they know their schedule ahead of time.
  • Problems with older iPhone's or operating systems. The voice command feature is only available for users with iPhone 4s or higher, while the Facebook events feature is only available to users who have iOS 6 or higher.

Final Thoughts

Fantastical is a useful and very efficient app. I found it much more suited to managing a busy calendar then iCal, with features like the Day Ticker -- where I can see my entire day conveniently categorized into morning and afternoon events. Despite the capability issues and the lack of a reminder feature it`s well worth its purchase price.