It’s time for the Mobile App of the Week. For week’s app we’re looking at the Android version of Evernote. Evernote is not only a note taking app, but gives users other options, such as sharing notebooks, converting speech to text and taking photos.

Once a user has a free Evernote account, they can sign into the app. From there they are directed to an Explore Evernote page which showcase's all of the apps features. Users can then choose whether to type a new note or task list, take a photo, record audio, attach a file or share files with colleagues.

All of the notes and files are then stored in a cloud-type system and are easily accessible from any computer, mobile or tablet device.



In addition to being able store, share and save files in a cloud-based system, there are a variety of other features that this app offers its users. They include:

  • Being able to save, sync and share files
  • Organize notes in a Notebook or by a tag
  • Share notes and notebooks via email, Facebook and Twitter, and through texting.
  • Search for text inside images
  • Save tweets to an Evernote account.
  • Notes, when listed, can be seen in “snippet” form where part of the note is seen or in a title format.
  • 60 MB of data a month.



The Evernote app is pretty easy to use and there are only a couple flaws.

  • If a user wants to use the Skitch app to draw attention to an important part of the note they have to download it from an app program. Even though it's mentioned within the Evernote app, it's a separate program that can be used with Evernote.  
  • The syncing function doesn't always automatically sync files.


Evernote is available for from the Google Play store for Android, version 1.6 or higher. It currently has a rating of 4.7 out of 5.

There are also free versions of Evernote available for iPhone and iPad users as well as the Windows Phone and Blackberry.

While every user who signs up with Evernote gets a free account there is also a paid option. For US$ 5.00 a month or US$ 45.00, extra features include:

  • More data for uploads
  • A searchable note history
  • PDF searching
  • Offline access to notebooks
  • Shared editing access
  • A PIN lock

Final Thoughts

Although this app appears to be geared towards not only businesses, but the individual person, it is still a useful business tool. It provides companies with a great way to stay organized and efficient through its note taking, cloud storing and sharing capabilities.