Mobile App of the Week: Search Engine Optimization with WebRank SEO

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It’s time for the Mobile App of the Week. This week we’re looking at WebRank SEO, a website search analysis application.

Released by Web Rank Stats, WebRank SEO is a search engine optimization analytics tool that allows users to look at a variety of stats. For example, according to the app, the CMSWire search ranks include: Google Pagerank is 6/10, Alexa is 22,259 and Compete is 99,295, while the Pages Indexed on Google are 62,500 and 42,900 on Bing. Other analytics that can be viewed are:

  • Pages Indexed in Yahoo
  • Backlinks according to Google, Bing, Yahoo, Alexa
  • Facebook likes or shares
  • Tweets
  • Google Plus shares

How Does Web Rank SEO Work?

Once WebRank SEO is downloaded, users merely have to to type in a website to get its statistics –- no sign-up required. The app will then find the most up to date information based on that search. Users can also click on the search engine's names, such as Bing, to see the top search results for their site.

Also, before searching, users choose what type data they want to receive in the options tab and hit enter, so if they don't want to see Twitter or Facebook data, they don't have to.

Sites that are often visited can be pinned to the dashboard tab, while the app also logs "most recently visited" sites.

Learning Opportunities



WebRank SEO is free appavailable for download in the Google Play store for users with version 1.6 or higher.It has a rating of 3.8. Currently, there aren't versions for iPhone, Windows Phone or BlackBerry users, but there are extensions and add-ons for web browsers, such has Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Final Thoughts

As an analytics tool, WebRank SEO is a basic tool, but it does serve a purpose. For those who need more in depth analysis, don't bother with this app. All WebRank SEO does is provide the numbers, leaving the user with data, but no answer as to why the numbers are the way they are, a time frame or where in the world these searches came from.

Despite this, WebRank SEO can prove useful to those who either want to do their own data investigation and analysis or to someone who needs a quick overview of how well the site is doing and its social media popularity. So if a quick glimpse of stats on the go is all you need, WebRank can work for you. But if you're looking for the meat, you'll have to look elsewhere.