It’s time for the Mobile App of the Week and this week our focus is on the Glyder's Small Business, Social Media Marketing iPhone app.

Glyder is the result of a collaboration between OpenTable co-founder, Glenn Allen, and Zynga mobile games designer Alan Wells. They found that with the increase of digital marketing a lot of smaller businesses didn't have the finances or resources to promote their brand and products. Therefore, they've banded to together to utilize basic marketing tools for the ever growing mobile market with an app aimed at small businesses.

Marketing with Glyder

Once a user downloads Glyder they can immediately begin designing an advertisement by pre-designed template or by designing one from scratch and customizing it with photos, a title and summary text.

Currently, the app has 14 different layout and color designs to choose from. Some of the pre-designed templates include the Daily Deal layout, the Offer a& Coupon layout and the Ask for Engagement layout where a marketing representative would ask a question to encourage fan interaction.

When the design process is finished, the ad can be posted to a variety of social outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, Mailchimp, email, iOS Passbook, Pinterest or shared through a text message. In a recent update, Glyder has also added a Constant Contacts list where frequent advertising contacts are stored so content can be easily shared with them.



Glyder is currently only available as a free download through iTunes to those who use an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with iOS 5 and higher, but the company plans to release an Android version of the app.

Supporting Small Biz, Maybe

As was mentioned, Glyder is designed for small businesses who need to promote a product or service. But it's this simple, easy to use, yet basic design that is also its primary downfall. While larger businesses should avoid using this app altogether, its target audience, the small business, should also reconsider their decision to download this product.

Despite being a completely mobile marketing tool, this is the only thing Glyder has working in its favor. I found that there was nothing that this app provided that someone with basic& Photoshop skills couldn't do when it comes to ad design. As the product is only in its early stages there is room for it to develop into a good marketing tool by either improving its ad design features or by adding marketing tools, such as analytics.