Ad serving technology on mobile devices continues to be disrupted, and companies like Facebook and Google are no doubt hard at work on this very problem. Meanwhile, SAS has teamed up with a company called Pinger to use the SAS Intelligent Advertising for Publishers platform to improve the Pinger call and text app.

Analytics Improve Frequency Capping + Campaign Targets

Mobile ads are going through browsers, obviously, but because those browsers behave differently than on PCs and laptops, more and more companies are working on in-app ads.

The Pinger app offers free calling and texting for iOS or Android devices via WiFi. A handy feature called Buzzwords is where the SAS technology really comes into play. 

Buzzwords is a smart texting technology, and it inserts links into keywords so the textee can instantly jump to things like restaurant menus and theater times and locations. Using things like location data and device detection analysis from SAS, Pinger can better target people with more relevant Buzzword links, for example.

So far, advertisers and ad agencies are happy with Pinger's results, Brian Gilbert, director of monetization at Pinger said in a statement.

Gilbert cited the ability to forecast the amount of inventory needed as a key insight provided by the SAS Intelligent Advertising for Publishers system.

Buzzwords feature on Pinger highlights keywords for quick linking of relevant info like maps and videos. 

Integrated Ad Data for Publishers

Publishers need to take advantage of the mountain of data they have available, and the SAS offering looks to be that kind of tool. Being able to manage price, channel, size number of impressions and time of ad delivery from one place sounds like a good place to start.

SAS also offers the ability to group multiple creatives into a single line item, and adaptability to any WebKit browser for iPad, iPhone or Android apps. Naturally, Intelligent Advertising for Publishers also integrates with other SAS applications like the Customer Intelligence package.

This extends the mobile analytics system into a CMS or marketing system, something SAS sees as a main difference from its competitors.