Monster Partners with Twitter to Crush LinkedIn

Monster may be the granddaddy of online job search, but that doesn’t mean its technology is archaic or rusty. In fact, leveraging the intellectual property from two acquisitions made earlier this year (Gozaik and TalentBin) and Twitter Ads API, the company is introducing a new social recruiting solution that will leave Linkedin in the dust, or at least that’s the plan.

While Monster’s initial platform was largely about jobseekers posting their resumes and employers using search tools to find them, the company's new social recruiting platform targets workers who are most likely to meet employer criteria whether they’re looking for jobs or not.

Fully Automated Social Recruiting

Using insights gleaned from social networks (such as what conversations job prospects are engaged in, what they favorite, who they follow, retweet and so on) the made over Monster now automates putting the right opportunities in front of the right workers where they hangout online. This is in addition to Monster’s traditional capabilities.

Just yesterday, Monster announced “Monster Social Ads,” which use Twitter’s Ads API to provide the first fully automated social recruiting job ad solution featuring additional new targeting from Monster’s proprietary social candidate search capabilities.

Employers will soon — for the first time — have the ability to reach specific potential candidates directly on Twitter based on career attributes such as occupation or industry type. (The capability is in beta at the moment.)

Rather than (mostly) randomly spraying 140 character pitches all over Twitter, using the new service Monster customers (employers) will be able to identify and reach the exact right audience without lifting a finger.

First of its Kind

“It’s the first of its kind automated social ad job distribution platform. It’s completely frictionless,” said Joe Budzienski, Monster’s vice president of technology. All recruiters have to do is point to a job requirement or ad and Monster’s new technology does everything else for them

Say, for example, UPS needs to hire 300 seasonal workers. The new tool can look at data to determine likely recruits by using criteria that it deems most applicable such as: who has a class A drivers licenses, who worked for companies similar to UPS, who has conversations around deliveries and so on…Monster’s technology can identify top prospects and then funnel ads (that are longer than tweets) into their Twitter streams without lifting a finger.

“It’s completely automated,” said Budzienski, which means that recruiters can spend their time interviewing, presenting candidates to employers, negotiating salaries and so on.