Enterprise social technology provider Moxie Software is planning the release of what it calls an “enterprise social knowledge” solution called Social Knowledgebase.

Social Knowledgebase combines functionality from the vendor's Community Spaces social CRM platform and Collaboration Spaces enterprise social software solution in an effort to validate crowdsourced information and endorse answers found in social media. The application offers all standard features available on Moxie Software's Collaboration Spaces, Community Spaces and Knowledge Space solutions. Specific functionality includes:

  • Portals or embeddable widgets for customers to self-serve or participate in a social community.
  • Expertise location to ensure that subject matter experts within the enterprise can be located for insights.
  • A collaborative platform for employees to share and refine solutions before promoting to the knowledge base as endorsed answers.
  • Workflow and approval processes to help ensure the quality of certified content.
  • Wikis for collaborative authoring of content.
  • Ability to recommend and promote content into the knowledge base based on ratings and reputation. 

Moxie Upgrades Knowledge Spaces

Moxie just unveiled plans to upgrade its Knowledge Spaces solution, which forms part of the foundation for Social Knowledgebase, earlier this week. According to the vendor, the upgrades to Knowledge Spaces are intended to help users "differentiate the online customer experience." Updated/new features include a customer experience portal, improved search functionality and a RESTful API and widgets, as well as integration with Salesforce's Service Cloud for Knowledge Spaces.

BMW Puts Crowdsourcing into Action

Partnering with open source automaker Local Motors, luxury automaker BMW is currently running a crowdsourcing product design campaign that illustrates how brands can use social media input and commentary to help refine their offerings to the public.

According to StudentNewsIE, the BMW-sponsored Urban Driving Experience Challenge, which launches Tuesday, September 25, is a two-phase competition series that gives members of the public the opportunity to "identify and design the premium vehicle features and functions that will enhance the urban driving experience of the future." Customers are specifically invited to design a car suited for the "mega-cities" of 2025 and take factors such as urbanization, population growth and environmental issues into account.

Phase one ends in mid-October, with phase two (voting on finalists) beginning in November. A total of US$ 30,000 in prize money will be awarded. BMW will thus receive valuable insight into what customers think the car of the future will look like, as well as gain a large amount of publicity and possibly even get some good design ideas, for a relatively low price.