VirtuOz, Inc., a provider of intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) for online marketing, sales and support, is rolling out a packaged integration with Moxie Software’s Chat Spaces for sales and services. The integrated solution is designed to provide online consumers with seamless transition from virtual to live support.

Integration Offers Online Customer Service Personalization, Convenience

Specific features of the VirtuOz integration are intended to provide greater personalization, convenience and information to the customer. These include:

  • Queue Traffic Controller: Directs customers to a live chat queue based on their individual sales or support needs. Configurable settings also allow the virtual agent to help direct customers to queues with the shortest wait time.
  • Queue Countdown: Displays the wait time to the customer.
  • Customer Conversation Knowledge Transfer: Automatically transfers the virtual agent-customer conversation to the live chat agent.
  • Best Practice Channeling UX:  Allows the user to stay in the same interface regardless of channel.
  • Voice of the Customer: Analyzes both IVA and live chat conversations to suggest continuous improvements to the virtual agent.

Integrations Help Moxie Extend Spaces Value

Integrations such as the new partnership with VirtuOz help Moxie extend the value of its Spaces social collaboration suite. In April, Moxie integrated’s Service Cloud into Spaces Connect, giving customers more complete access to the answers they need and making it easier for workers to help those customers because there will be more ways for them to work together, including email and chat.

A Good Chat Helps Everyone

Moxie is also working internally to bolster the capabilities of its Spaces Chat tool. In May of this year, Moxie added a new feature in Chat Spaces that allows customer service agents engaging customers in chat sessions to seek assistance from internal experts, whom normally would be excluded from the interaction.

The new chat features also allow a customer service agent to simultaneously engage multiple experts. For example, a customer service agent for a bank could seek help in resolving a customer’s issues involving both a checking account and a mortgage loan. Communication with experts is conducted internally via Moxie’s social media mechanisms, so the customer does not directly communicate with internal employees.

VirtuOz May Prove Good IVA Partner

VirtuOz may prove a good choice as a partner to deliver IVA functionality to Moxie Chat users. According to a recent post on the Technologies blog, VirtuOz virtual agents’ best capability is their “range of virtual agent interaction styles.” VirtuOz virtual agents can “converse” with customers and use their answers to automatically direct them to the best source of information, as well as perform tasks with case management and CRM systems on customers’ behalves, acting as customer proxies.

This type of advanced virtual customer service/support functionality sounds like a promising means of transitioning online customers to the live agent who is ready to provide the correct information and services.