Enterprise social software provider Moxie Software is enhancing the functionality of its Spaces by Moxie customer communication suite to aid customer service efforts of companies in highly regulated industries. New features are designed to make internal experts available to assist customer service agents with complex inquiries and to ease compliance with regulations regarding data security and customer privacy.

Assisting Customer Communication

In a phone interview with CMSWire, Tara Sporrer, VP of marketing for Moxie Software, said her company’s solution works as a “Facebook for the enterprise,” allowing users to connect internal software to external customer communications. “Our technology helps companies communicate better with their customers, acting as a knowledge base for things like FAQs, customer service, chat, email and phone contact.”

However, clients in heavily regulated industries, such as financial services and healthcare, must ensure that their customers can get the correct information they need from all contact channels, and also meet all requirements for protecting confidential data. To assist these clients, Moxie is introducing new features to its Email Spaces and Chat Spaces applications.

Chatting With Experts

“When collaboration occurs, where does it go?” Sporrer asked, as an introduction to a new feature in the Chat Spaces tool that allows customer service agents engaging customers in chat sessions to seek assistance from internal experts, whom normally would be excluded from the interaction.

“Experts can provide input and have visibility they otherwise wouldn’t have had,” said Sporrer. “This gives visibility to folks not in the normal customer service queue.”

Sporrer said the new chat features also allow a customer service agent to simultaneously engage multiple experts, so, for example, a customer service agent for a bank could seek help in resolving a customer’s issues involving both a checking account and a mortgage loan. Communication with experts is conducted internally via Moxie’s social media mechanisms, so the customer does not directly communicate with internal employees.

Getting a Grip on Email

Any manager knows that employee email can be hard to control and can cause damage if they contain incorrect information or are worded improperly. These potential dangers are magnified when messages deal with sensitive customer information, such as bank accounts or medical records. Moxie has added a number of features to its Email Spaces solution, including automated regulatory compliance; real-time monitoring of all employee emails, including those in queue to be sent, to ensure they do not violate any rules or standards and offline alerting of managers of inbound messages from high-value clients.

Getting Closer to Customers, Avoiding Disaster

Although most customer contact center activities are performed remotely, Sporrer pointed out that companies are bringing many functions back into the organization. “The objective of CEOs is to get closer to the customers,” she said. “And you don’t want a big social media disaster,” she added, referring to highly publicized customer service gaffes that have resulted in substantial negative social media exposure for companies such as Bank of America, which, as reported by ABC News, was subjected to an online petition that forced it to drop plans for a $5 ATM fee last fall.

Moxie has been busy adding new features to its product platform in the past year, such as mobile interfaces; interfaces with other enterprise applications such as Microsoft SharePoint and Outlook, Salesforce.com and Skype, and a more recent interface with Salesforce.com Service Cloud.  These latest features, which will be officially released in July, should provide value to all users, not just companies in highly regulated industries. Even without government or industry mandate, giving customers the best information and data protection possible still makes good sense.