Moxie Software to Integrate with's Service Cloud’s Service Cloud is getting folded into Moxie Software’s Spaces Connect starting this week, and it will add yet another layer to Moxie’s social collaboration tool kit for CRM, HR and ERP workflows in large companies.

As Moxie works toward making companies’ social business systems more robust, the Service Cloud integration will give their customers more complete access to the answers they need. In turn, this should make it easier for workers to help those customers because there will be more ways for them to work together including email, chat and what Moxie calls Knowledgebase. This is important because while helping customers find answers is a handy way to solve problems, the move also addresses the issue of making data management a tad less painful.

Why The Cloud Makes Sense, for Some

When a companies’ workforce is focused on its customers, those customers are often counted on to spread the word about it. The trouble with that is customer service is not always the highest priority for some large companies. With Spaces Connect, companies can use customers’ existing Service Cloud Contacts data for ready-made solutions. Additionally, for mobile workers, the Service Cloud features will make using Spaces Connect much faster and easier.

Additionally, by integrating Service Cloud, Moxie can count on a proven company like to allay any security concerns. That’s because making sales is where many companies do focus, and as the name implies, is often seen as a leader in that area.

Connect, Share, Do

Other new features in Moxie Chat and Email Spaces are threaded communication strings and making interaction histories available to all viewers of customer profile. That way, whoever is working with a particular customer can see every other issue that customer has worked on in the past or is still trying to resolve. Again, the Service Cloud is all about access on the go, so if a customer switches devices from say a tablet to a laptop, the cloud will keep all the info centralized.

Moxie’s Knowledge Spaces is what will really impress customers, however, because it will make problem solving more intuitive and easier to do on mobile devices. The new design gives companies access to Service Cloud’s Self-Service portals, uses a single sign-on function and includes document retrieval and search.

Tell us in the comments if you use Service Cloud and think more companies should be integrating it into their systems.