Netbiscuits Offers Free Mobile Analytics and Device Detection

Netbiscuits Offers Free Mobile Analytics and Device Detection

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You're a marketer building a mobile strategy. What are absolute crucial data points you must have?

"Insight into the customer, their preferences and behavior," Anthony Payne, director of global product marketing at London-based mobile analytics provider Netbiscuits, told CMSWire. "Decisions around the mobile strategy are based primarily on guesswork, which is not that way businesses should build their mobile strategy given the complexity of the market."

Netbiscuits says it can help marketers reconnect with prospects using mobile devices with a free version of its mobile analytics tools and device detection software. The free enterprise-grade versions of its platform aim to arm marketers and developers with the technology to build customer engagement profiles and execute mobile web experiences.

How it Works

Through Netbiscuits Mobile Analytics, marketers can:

  • Develop and track visitor personas around device, preferences and contextual use
  • Identify causes of abandonment and deliver engagement to increase conversions from mobile channels
  • Get user traffic reports and dashboards that reveal user behavior and preference through device information
  • Integration into most desktop analytics software to uncover insights like bounce rate of visitors based on screen size or speed of connection to the website

The Netbiscuits Device Detection product includes:

  • Netbiscuits' device library that contains detailed device feature capabilities of more than 7,300 device profiles
  • The ability to identify, segment and route mobile traffic, optimize web testing, adapt site features and technology before first page load, and improve speed and page load times

customer experience, Mobile Analytics and Device Detection -- For Free -- Through Netbiscuits

Netbiscuits Mobile Analytics and Device Detection are available free for both new and existing customers, Payne told CMSWire. The free versions of Mobile Analytics and Device Detection include exactly the same features as the enterprise version, he added.

"Functionality is not impacted within the free version," said Payne, whose organization is 14 years old and includes 100 employees. "Instead, Netbiscuits has created subscription levels based on volume and usage. This ensures that businesses large and small are able to benefit from the same capabilities."

Why This Product?

We asked Netbiscuits why people should choose this offering vs. others in this space? 

"Unique insights," Payne said. "We’re giving marketers actionable data from our award-winning device library and mobile analytics which delve deeper into both device capability and user context. Both tools integrate with web analytics tools, such as Google Analytics and the Adobe Marketing Cloud, providing marketers with the opportunity to build the most complete picture of customer behavior on the mobile web."

Learning Opportunities

Netbiscuits told us it's targeting marketers to help them gain a better understanding of how customers are engaging with the mobile web.

"This is through mobile analytics which analyze not only the device capability," Payne said, "but also contextual elements, such as location and bandwidth. Netbiscuits Mobile Analytics helps marketers create user personas based on customer behavior and increase engagement and ultimately conversion."

Device Detection 

Why is it important for an organization to know which devices people are cruising into their website on? Is one device outperforming others in this arena?

"Device information unlocks insight into customer behavior and preference," Payne said. "Essentially, this impacts what customers do on a website."

Netbiscuits sees a huge amount of choice in terms of device and their capabilities rather than one device outperforming another.

"This creates," Payne said, "a whole plethora of different ways in which customers can engage with mobile websites. Businesses cannot take a one-user, one-device approach to mobile. They should be arming themselves with as much actionable data as possible on their customers and how they use the mobile web."

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