LinkedIn might have started out as a social enterprise jobs board, as far as users were concerned. But now, with all these linked professionals sharing advice and news, it is evolving into a useful information source with posts from CTOs, CIOs and others taking up the front page feed. 

Hit For 6.0

LinkedIn can help you get jobs or find workers, that much is proven and has helped drive its success so far. But, now most connections are settled in their new roles, what next? How can the service remain relevant to those users? 

Aside from design tweaks, LinkedIn is expanding its usefulness by improving the level of news and information you can read in the new app, blending stories, events and advice with status updates from your connections to provide a more-rounded service (plus a few sneaky bits of sponsored content). 

The new app is only available for the iPhone at the moment, with an iPad version likely soon, and we're sure an Android one will follow. Additional features include improved calendar functions to keep on track, new contacts from the news feed, saving jumping around. Users can also follow key figures to listen to what the big players are saying, and customize the categories of what's shown to keep things relevant.  

Always-On Insights for Business

This is all a world away from the "had breakfast" fluff you find in Twitter and Facebook, making LinkedIn increasingly a place to come when you're thinking, planning or trying to get things done at work. All it will could take is one gem of information in the right place and that could turn a casual user into a dedicated Premium subscriber, which is likely the company's aim. 

Learning Opportunities

There's still the active job lists if you're looking for another role, but increasingly LinkedIn seems to be focusing itself as an advice and news service, relevant to how members work and trying to assist them in their efforts. 

And, as always, users can browse potential contacts to rediscover old colleagues or alumni, and reconnect to help boost their career potential or find recruits for new projects. This new, all-rounder, LinkedIn app could well be just the start of a wider effort to make LinkedIn more essential than ever for those in business, and for tech workers, it should already outrank the other social apps on your first-thing-to-open list.