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Sharing is Caring

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Citrix wants everyone to share – your desktop with your iPad, tablet and all your other devices, that is – with its new app ShareConnect.  According to Jesse Lipson, vice president of Santa Clara, Calif. based Citrix, "Not all data is stored in the cloud and many desktop apps are not fully functional through mobile apps.”

Much like its program “Go to My PC,” ShareConnect gives users yet another way to connect to their computers from afar. This new app is designed to allow users to:

  • Access and edit recent files on native desktop applications
  • Run CAD programs, Illustrator or proprietary legacy applications
  • Preview and edit Microsoft Office files

ShareConnect is available for free download in the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Group hug, anyone?

Get the TCO of your BYOD and COPE from this MCOA

Good Technology, based in Sunnyvale, Calif. recently released its newMobile Cost of Ownership (MCO) Analyzer to provide businesses with a tool that claims to reduce BYOD and COPE costs.

“Cost containment is a hot topic in IT today,” said Brian Reed, chief mobility evangelist for Good Technology.

The MCO Analyzer also works with the Good Mobile Service Management (MSM), which is geared towards helping IT departments to “manage multiple platforms and mobile operating systems through a single console.”

Good Technology is offering a personal assessment of your mobile TCO

Is anyone else craving alphabet soup?


If Lewis and Clark had a GPS App ...

It might be this one.


Electric Compass this week released its GPS tracking app for devices running Windows 7 and 8. With the Electric Compass Tracker, “Businesses can now track the GPS location of field workers … in real-time.” 

“The introduction of our Windows tracking app offers businesses increased visibility into field activity and greater control over their mobile workforces,” said Michael Forbes, Managing Director of Darien, Conn. Based Electric Compass.

The tracking app is intended to address field business issues that include:

  • Improving safety and response time to urgent events
  • Gaining insight into patterns of field activities;
  • Having anywhere, anytime access to worker locations 

And Sacagawea might have been out of a job.

Take a Nap: This Marketing Platform is Always On

Publicis Groupe and Adobe have crossed continents and an ocean and released Publicis Groupe Always-On Platform - “the first end-to-end marketing management platform … that automates and connects all components of a client’s marketing efforts.” 

“We are solving a core marketing dilemma for our clients by enabling them to more personally interact with their customers,” said Maurice Levy, chairman and CEO of Publicis Groupe, based in Paris, France. 

The platform will be available to agencies in the Publicis Groupe network with potential solutions to the following challenges.

  1. Multi-touch Attribution
  2. Unparalleled Audience Understanding
  3. Campaign/Marketing Automation
  4. Content and Experience Management

Shantanu Narayen, president and CEO, of San Jose, Calif.-based Adobe, called Adobe and Publicis Groupe "a powerful combination," adding, "We have been delivering marketing innovation together for more than two decades.” 

They’re Trendy!

KMWorld Magazine just named Picturepark and Sitecore "Trend-Setting Products for 2014" – chosen out of 600 products under consideration.

Following up last week’s announcement about their DAM Connector, the new partners, based in Switzerland, must be busting their collective buttons.

“Picturepark and Sitecore were selected by the panel because they demonstrate thoughtful, well-reasoned innovation and execution for the most important constituency of them all: the customer,” said Hugh McKellar, Editor in Chief for KMWorld Magazine.

Can’t wait to see that selfie!

And the Survey Says: 8 out of 10 like Cobit 5


Learning Opportunities

With the launch of the online version of COBIT 5, ISACA, the Illinois-based global IT association, is providing a new resource center to its members “to improve governance and management of enterprise IT.” 

The association’s recent survey revealed that 78 percent of more than 1,200 professionals around the world who downloaded the COBIT 5 framework believe “having effective IT governance in place has become more valuable.”

Robert E Stroud, international president of ISACA, said, “Making COBIT 5 available in an online, customizable format extends the ability of enterprises to protect their information assets and improve business performance.” 

Much of COBIT online is available in a free download from the association, which was formerly known as the Information Systems Audit and Control Association.

And that looks like the number one answer.

Evoking a Social Sense for Noobs

EvokedSet, based in Reading, England, has published “Social Media for B2B: Best Practices,” a beginner’s guide to social media concentrating on the four key social networks – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

The book is aimed at helping fellow B2Bs navigate and create an effective presence in the sometimes over-whelming social media landscape.

Co-Founder and Director Nicky Denovan said, “Too many social media guides presume a pre-existing understanding of the major platforms.” He hopes their e-book will “encourage more businesses to take these first crucial steps towards a successful, long-term social media strategy.”

EvokedSet’s “Social Media for B2B: Best Practices” eBook is available as a free download.

And any e-book coming out of Reading should be worth … reading.

Cloudfind on Cloud 9


UK-based tech startup Cloudfind has released enhancements to their cloud file tagging app, and added support for Dropbox.

The automatic-tagging app “helps businesses who use Salesforce alongside third-party cloud storage platforms, to quickly and easily retrieve related files within everyday sales, marketing and business operations processes.”

You can watch an overview of the app here

Other features include:

  •  Tag-based control of archive)files
  •  One-click sharing of links to Dropbox files from within Salesforce
  • Tag aliasing

Robert Curran, CMO put it simply: “Once Cloudfind is installed and pointed at a Dropbox for Business account, it figures out what your files are all about, and how things are related.”

The new release, including support for Dropbox for Business, is available immediately, via the Salesforce AppExchange.  

One might say they are feeling fine on Cloudfind