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The latest in targeting, web design and marketing from the Big Apple, the Codfish State, across the pond and Mater Urbium.

A Marketer’s Best Friend?

Waltham, Mass.-based Pursway claimsits new audience extension platform will help marketers target the friends of their customers. The company, which transforms existing customer and prospect databases into customized social graphs that provide marketing insights via algorithms, just launched Pursway Connect.

Operating on the theory that people want to buy what their real-life friends buy, the platform helps marketers to expand their audience by targeting both people who have expressed an interest in their brands and friends of those people from their social circles. In other words, it is intended to help companies find all the BFFs of its customers through a 150-million consumer database.

“Pursway Connect gives marketers what they are really after – highly relevant prospects” said CEO David Ellenberger — and the company is offering a 60-day free trial to prove it.


Softpress isn’t Soft-Pedaling Freeway 7

Softpress claims its web design software Freeway 7 Pro helps you experience the smooth handling of responsive web design, cruise through web searches with "improved search engine optimization and social network integration” and navigate the information highway with the GPS of “automatically generated … menus.”

The company, based in rural Oxfordshire, England, boasts that new features in its Mac web design software enable anyone to "create stunning original websites and email newsletters" without having to code. 

In addition to responsive design, the update makes it easier for users to incorporate dynamic functionality such as e-commerce, multimedia and navigation menus to sites, the company claims.

Sprinkle Pixbi Dust on Your Digital Customers 

Interested in accessing a new platform for interactive purchasing? Pixbi (Through Pixels, Buy Instantly) “enables individuals to view, save, share and purchase products through any image featured in digital magazines” by tagging the image and connecting directly to retailers.

The company's mission "is to bring visual content to life for the fast paced digital consumer on the go,” said Ryan Jones, CEO and Co-founder of New York City-based Pixbi.

And clapping for Tinkerbell won’t hurt anything, while you’re tapping your screens.

OpenBrand Opens Wide

OpenBrand, operating from Prague, Czech Republic, and London, is a small start-up that thinks of itself as Dropbox for marketers and graphics designers. It already has some impressive clients, including Audible and Skype. 

Now OpenBrand is announcing its Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator plugin. In fact, the company blog happily proclaims “Yes we did it!”

The cloud-based extension takes up no space on hard drives and functions within the Adobe programs. “With this new plugin designers won’t even have to leave Photoshop or Illustrator to access their files.” 

Tim Addison, OpenBrand’s “marketing guy” and one of the founding members, said, “Beside the swanky good looks, we gave it a functional make-over to improve usability and put the focus on our user’s designs.”

“We Have Ignition”

Or rather, IgnitionOne has Human Demand – acquired it, that is.

This is the digital marketer’s second acquisition this year (it bought Knotice in March) with a goal of integrating “best-of-breed digital marketing technology.”

“We are very excited to join a team that clearly ‘gets it”,” said Human Demand CEO Howie Schwartz.

IgnitionOne, based in New York City, plans to incorporate Human Demand’s self-service mobile interface into their Digital Marketing Suite.

Will Margiloff, CEO of IgnitionOne, noted, “Human Demand brings to the table key capabilities that will make the Digital Marketing Suite the most complete and integrated technology in the industry.”

Speaking of Mobile Interfaces ...

More than 300 million smartphones were shipped around the world in the second quarter of 2014, according to the International Data Corporation, an increase of 25.3 percent (240.5 million) since the second quarter this year.

“Android has been reaping huge gains within emerging markets,” said Ramon Llamas, research manager with IDC's Mobile Phone team.