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What's new? Well, there's the first global exchange for mobile-first native ads, another way to integrate Salesforce with Google Apps, a digital asset management (DAM) conference in New York and help for mobile users  interested in editing Microsoft Office documents and other common file types.

Native O|X’s Exchange 

Native ads are getting a lot of attention. This week, digital ad technology provider OpenX Technologies launched Native O|X, which it describes as “the first global, real time bidding (RTB) exchange specifically for mobile-first native ads.”

Apps developers and publishers can use programmatic buying for native in-stream ad formats, mostly in-app. More than 300 pre-screened, multiscreen buyers are already participating, as are publishers IconApps and Tagged, demand partners RUN and mediasmart, and Celtra, a provider of ad creation, serving and analytics.

Publishers can create native formats, including ones with rich media, and can filter and review specific ads. Buyers have access to targeting data, including GPS-based location data.

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An example of an in-app native ad being offered in the Native O|X exchange

Salesforce Contacts Meet Google

Tired of maintaining contacts in both Salesforce and Google Apps? Cirrus Insight, whose purpose in life is to integrate Salesforce with Google applications, just launched Contact Sync to coordinate the two sets of contacts.

The California-based company notes that users frequently use Salesforce to manage a customer base, while Google Apps is a handy tool on the road. User-defined rules determine which contacts are synched, such as your exclusive contacts in Chicago. Updates in Salesforce automatically update in Google.

The app is free for Cirrus Insight’s customers on the Pro or Team Plans.

Learning Opportunities

Thinking About Spring: DAM NY

The temperature is in single digits in the east, so it’s a perfectly good time to be thinking about May. On May 1, the DAM New York 2014 two-day conference opens, and this week organizer Henry Stewart Events announced some highlights of the agenda.

Evan Sandhaus, director for search, archives and semantics at The New York Times, will discuss the new TimesMachine access technology in his keynote about “Taming Terabytes.”  He is one of more than 50 people making presentations. Conference topics in 40 educational sessions will include “how to get started with a DAM system.”

Following New York, similar DAM events will be held in Europe, Chicago and Los Angeles.

WatchDox Mobile Editor

Mobile users now have another option for editing Microsoft Office documents and other common file types. Palo Alto, Calif.-based WatchDox announced its Mobile Editor for iOS and Android devices will be free to users of its enterprise file-sync-and-share solution.

The company, a provider of secure enterprise-level sharing solutions, said this free editor is the first in a file-sync-and-share product, since competitors like Accellion, Egynte, Sharefile and Box all require subscription fees for their offerings.

Ryan Kalember, Chief Product Officer, said in a statement that his company “is making its Mobile Editor free to allow users to edit a file via a mobile device, without needing to leave the file-sharing application.”