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What’s That in Your DAM Background?

Has the background of your website lost its luster? Are your icons drab and dreary? Does your font need a little perking up?

IntelligenceBank Marketing thinks it has the solution for customizing Digital Asset Management (DAM) platforms with its recently released Background Image feature to work along with its brand customization. The features include:

  • Background image for login page
  • Customizable pages with feature guidelines and interactive media
  • Masthead and alert branding
  • Colors and fonts to match your brand
  • Custom icons and favicons

Tessa Court, CEO of IntelligenceBank, based in Melbourne, Australia, said, “just as personalization is the key to consumer marketing, custom branding on business apps ensures offerings are relevant to end users and adoption of the technology is prevalent."

Lean, Mean Data Machine

LeanData this week released an Account-Based Lead Management Suite for B2B sales and marketing professionals, which includes “proper setup of CRM system and software suite for managing leads and accounts, to support account-based marketing and target account selling initiatives.” 

The product suite is comprised of:

  • Router — Automatically routes leads to account owner
  • View — Fast way to see leads that match to accounts
  • Converter — Automatically converts leads to contacts based on business rules
  • Lead2 — Account Matching Engine

“The next step for sales and marketing teams will be critical in order to get their systems, resources, and processes optimized for target account selling and obtain full value from these techniques,” said Dan Ziman, CMO of Sunnyvale, Calif.-based LeanData.

Moxie Chat May Induce Male Shopper Syndrome

Moxie Software released a new shopping habits survey this week, with more than 2,100 participants in the US. According to the survey: 62 percent of participants expect live chat to be available on mobile devices, and 82 percent would use it. In addition, 75 percent of preferred live chatting to talking with a customer service agent.

To address all this interest in shop-chatting, Moxie Software offers Moxie Chat to “address the needs of customers” and “integrate with multiple customer engagement channels,” including Moxie Web Self-Service , Moxie Knowledge and Moxie Email. According to Andrew Mennie, vice president and general manager EMEA at Sunnyvale, Calif-based Moxie, “The days of the grumpy shop assistant are long gone: the survey results clearly show a positive experience when it comes to direct interaction with customer service.” Additional insights from the Moxie study reveal interesting trends in the US, including:

  • Men shop often on mobile devices
  • Millennial men are active online shoppers
  • Most men belong to frequent shopper programs
  • Men rely on product reviews

But will they remember to pick up the milk and eggs on the way home?


May We Have This Dance?

EnableSoft has released two new additions to its Foxtrot line of automation software: Foxtrot Desktop and Foxtrot Professional, which are designed to automate “manual data processes through the user interface of most applications” and increase employee productivity by operating as a “digital employee.”

Foxtrot Desktop is designed to work with Excel and Windows for small and mid-sized organizations, while Foxtrot Professional “adds web automation for organizations that work increasingly with online applications.”

“Foxtrot helps employees do more of what they have been hired to do, and produce more for their companies,” said Richard Milam, president and CEO of EnableSoft.

EnableSoft, based in Orlando, Fla, has also recently redesigned its website. It offers customers the option to purchase and download Foxtrot Desktop and Foxtrot Professional. Foxtrot Enterprise is available by contacting EnableSoft directly.

Anybody for a Waltz or Tango now?

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