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The SlideSharknado of New Apps

Brainshark has released SlideShark 4.0, with new support for PDF files. The presentation app allows users to access, present and share PDF files with iOS devices. According to Waltham, Mass. based Brainshark, the function improves “employee productivity, shortens sales cycles and helps companies of all sizes ensure messaging is consistent."

This updated version of SlideShark will allow users to access features on their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, including:

  • Upload content via the Web, iOS device with SlideShark’s cloud storage providers
  • Present live content online or offline
  • Make annotations during a presentation
  • Project content to a TV or screen
  • Track views on shared content

“We want salespeople to have the flexibility to present more than simply slides, and to also include other content types into the conversation, whether it's a marketing brochure or a rate card,” said David Klein, vice president of product management at Brainshark.

SlideShark_PDF slide timer.jpg

Is Predictive Insights the Qstream of the Crop?

Qstream launched its new Predictive Insights Engine this week. This new functionality “leverages the combined power of mobile, gamification and big data to deliver a new class of business intelligence.” Using sales fluency “heat maps” synthesized from millions of data points, QStream boasts news capabilities that include:

  • Real-time Online Sales Manager Dashboards with graphical snapshots
  • Multi-Dimensional Insights and Trends offering robust tagging capabilities and advanced data visualization
  • Combining CRM and Sales Performance Management Data to export and correlate proficiency data with other third-party data sources

According to Duncan Lennox, CEO of the Burlington, Mass. based company, “Changing {sales} rep behaviors and knowing with confidence what they are prepared to bring to every client interaction is the missing link for sales leadership. Qstream fixes that.”

Thumbnail image for 2014-12-December-Qstream-heat-map

Agents of A.N.Y.W.H.E.R.E.

Avaya and Google just released Avaya Agent for Chrome, a Chromebook application designed to enable customer service agents the freedom to work virtually anywhere.

The new WebRTC-enabled interface will allow Chromebook -based customer service agents access to Avaya’s contact center agent desktop connecting directly to Avaya systems either on premise or through the cloud.

Avaya ‘s Chrome app is currently available in three major interchangeable configurations for CSAs: With an Avaya phone onsite in contact centers, remotely using a landline phone or directly through a Chromebook.

“We’re excited about this collaboration with Google, not only for what it represents technically … but for what it means for our customers: flexible, extensible and manageable remote contact centers,” says Val Matula, Senior Director and Head of Emerging Products and Technology at Santa Clara, Calif.-based Avaya.

But where will Agent Coulson’s office be located?

Sacks, Y and Z


HR software startup Zenefits announced this week the addition of Yammer founder, David Sacks, to its management team as Chief Operating Officer.

Parker Conrad, Zenefits co-founder and CEO, said, “It felt like a very natural fit.” Sacks comes to Zenefits, with headquarters in San Francisco, Calif., following the sale of Yammer to Microsoft and after “play{ing} a lot of poker.”

While card playing probably will not be part of his new job description, Sacks will be responsible for product development, operations and finances, among other things.

Can’to Fight This Feeling – for New Cumulus Release

Canto released the newest version of its Digital Asset Management software, Cumulus 9.2 Jack McGannon, CEO of Canto, based in San Francisco claims, “With Cumulus’ new hybrid cloud option, we tackle the full spectrum of enterprise IT digital asset management needs, offering Cumulus also as perpetually licensed on-premise software and as a cloud-hosted managed DAM.”

Cumulus 9.2’s new features include:

  • Amazon S3 Asset Store for Cumulus
  • All new enterprise workflow management
  • Social DAM
  • Prefiller in the Cumulus Web Client
  • Plugins are now possible for the Cumulus Web Client via SDK
  • Numerous user experience enhancements

Cumulus - prefiller92.png