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Infragistics, headquartered in Cranbury, N.J., released SharePoint for Android devices and SharePlus Version 4.1 for iOS. Designed specifically for mobile devise use, SharePlus gives users “a touch-friendly experience with familiar interfaces.”

“SharePlus for Android supports the shift among enterprises to cost-saving Android deployments. In addition, the new multi-platform availability of SharePlus makes it easy for enterprises to embrace BYOD policies,” said Dean Guida, president and CEO of Infragistics.

Features of SharePlus for Android include:

  • An engaging mobile SharePoint experience with a familiar SharePlus interface
  • Seamless integration with external editors and background content synchronization to keep everything up-to-date
  • Mobile productivity features that give users SharePoint functionality with or without connectivity

And SharePlus 4.1 for iOS introduces:

  • An in-app product tour
  • PDF searching capabilities
  • Support for the latest iOS releases

Could it be“practically perfect in every way?” 


What Does Site-S-P-E-C-T Mean?

SiteSpect this week announced a key expansion to its APIs, enabling “automated optimization and broad programmatic control … helping customers accelerate the velocity of their testing program …”

According to Boston-based SiteSpect, these APIs can be used in many ways, including the automation of:

  • Test campaign creation, execution and customization
  • Importation of external data for targeting and personalization
  • Integration of offline and third-party data
  • Integration with third-party reporting and analytics systems

Eric J. Hansen, founder and CEO of SiteSpect boasted, “SiteSpect enables customers … to focus on what matters: strategic opportunities to drive additional revenue while simultaneously mitigating risk.”

(Sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me …)

They Might Have Been Giants

Sleepy Giant, that is. But now they’re – waking up with “a new focus on its next generation crosschannel and cross-platform marketing automation system for app publishers and marketers.”

Learning Opportunities

David Lee, president and co-founder of Newport Beach, Calif.-based, said: “Whether you're running a multi-channel and multi-platform campaign, and leveraging a third party analytics service, email service, in-app messaging provider – our platform can integrate with your campaign and increase its effectiveness through both out-of the-box and custom automation actions.”

Over seven years of serving game publishers — including Disney and Activision — the company “built proprietary technology for developing, publishing and operating games.” Now is concentrating their efforts on mobile marketing and releasing a private beta of its platform to select partners.

No more fee fi fo fum for them.


Kudos to Kudobuzz

Kudobuzz, founded in 2013, this week released reports showing “exponential revenue growth and increasing adoption among online retailers.”

According to Ghana-based Kudobuzz CEO Kena Amoah, “We’re pleased to see that our approach of putting customer satisfaction first is paying off. It would’ve been difficult to grow this fast if not for the patronage, support, and feedback from our customers.”

Successes reported by Kudobuzz in 2014 Q3 include:

  • Doubled revenue with 80 percent month-on-month revenue growth
  • Signups increased by over 25 percent growth month-on-month
  • Conversion from free to paid customers grew by 50 percent month-on-month

While currently only available on Shopify, Tictail, Storenvy and Wordpress, Amoah intends to integrate with more platforms in the near future. Key features include:

  • Find glowing reviews on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus
  • Display the most positive social media reviews on your website via an attractive widget that is easy to install and customize
  • Smart inbox also flags bad reviews, which lets users quickly respond to disgruntled former or prospective customers
  • Collect and display verified product reviews on the product page