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  • News Bites Slack eSpirit Website Governance More

    News Bites: Slack, e-Spirit, Website Governance, More

    The latest in growing, implementing, semantics, retooling and superstitions from the Golden City, the City of Notions, The Bull City and the Land of Hope and Glory, the Monumental State and friggatriskaidekaphobia … the state of fear.

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  • IDC Predicts Hard Times Ahead for CMOs

    IDC Predicts Hard Times Ahead for CMOs

    According to Nils Bohr, Nobel laureate in Physics, “Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future.” Nevertheless, every year since 2007, the forecasters of IDC gaze into their crystal ball (which contains research, surveys, interviews, etc.

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  • IDCs Look at the Future of Social Technologies

    IDC's Look at the Future of Social Technologies

    It’s that time of year when everyone is looking back to see how they've done and looking forward to see how much more they can do. And according to Framingham, Mass.-based IDC (International Data Corporation), social technologies can be a major driver of organizational transformation in 2015.

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  • Videos for Experiences Sounds for the Sightless Pictures for Words

    Videos for Experiences, Sounds for the Sightless, Pictures for Words

    The latest in personalizing, opening doors and enhancing from the Melting Pot, Utah's Dixie, the Birthplace of American Liberty and The City.

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  • New Fashioned Customer Service Restoring Intimacy

    New Fashioned Customer Service: Restoring Intimacy

    Remember the good old days when you could call your favorite store, took it for granted you could talk with the same person just about every time and didn’t have to explain things multiple times if you had to call more than once to resolve an issue? Welcome back to

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  • News Bites Releasing Renaming and Growing Revenue

    News Bites: Releasing, Renaming and Growing Revenue

    The latest in toolsets, interfaces, focus, growth and predictions from the Jerseys, the City of Notions, the Gold Coast, the Warrior King and San Jo. Supercala-Infragistics Infragistics, headquartered in Cranbury, N.J., released SharePoint for Android devices and SharePlus Version 4.1 for iOS.

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  • News Bites Real Science Easy Apps Get Togethers and Tree Hugging

    News Bites: Real Science, Easy Apps, Get Togethers and Tree Hugging

    The latest in powering, streamlining, partnering, enabling, communicating and saving the world from the Swinging City, San Francisco, the Big Peach, the Tall Stick, the Empire City and Silver Sprung.

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