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The latest in growing, implementing, semantics, retooling and superstitions from the Golden City, the City of Notions, The Bull City and the Land of Hope and Glory, the Monumental State and friggatriskaidekaphobia … the state of fear.

No Slackers at Slack?

Pick out something in paper or plastic and drop off a bouquet of pansies for Slack. It's celebrating a one-year anniversary. 

According to its own figures, Slack’s messaging and search platform now has more than 500,000 daily active users and has cleared the $10 million mark in annual recurring revenue. Stewart Butterfield, CEO and co-founder of San Francisco, Calif. based Slack brags that the company: “…increases internal transparency and turns communication archives into a powerful shared resource.”

And apparently, since the web is all a-Twitter about Slack’s first year (judging by the “Wall of Love”), maybe some Valentines are in order too?

That’s the e-Spirit!

This week e-Spirit announced its latest listing of implementation and technology partners in North America, including Canto, Falcon-Software, Building Blocks and Tahzoo using its signature content management system FirstSpirit. The company claims that focusing on FirstSpirit: "eliminates channel conflict and encourages close collaboration" between e-Spirit and its partners.

“Because partners are so critical to the success of our customers, we work hard to ensure they are set up for success,” stated Robert Bredlau, Chief Operating Officer for Boston, Mass. based e-Spirit, Inc.

Sprechen sie Oban?

Bienvenue, willkommen, fáilte and welcome as Oban Digital opens its doors in Durham, N.C. adding yet another shore to its thirty country and eighty market footprint.


According to Greig Holbrook, the Founder and Managing Director of Oban Digital, “If US e-commerce companies and brands are to compete in the growing global market they need to learn how each local market functions differently from the next.”

Heading up the newest branch of United Kingdom-based Oban, Trina Hymes, vice president of US Sales stated: “Using local teams to interpret people’s online behavior on a global scale Oban can provide rich insights into a culture’s particular nuances in relation to any product or service.”

Retools of the Trade

If governance is your bailiwick, Robert Jacoby thinks he has just the retooled tool for you. The Laurel, Md.-based senior content consultant introduced his Website Governance Modeling Tool in May 2012 () and recently gave it a few tweaks.


According to Jacoby, the changes will “enhance it for your—and your organization’s or your client’s—use and benefit.” Some the updates include:

  • Block space for Documentation
  • Revised text in the Content block
  • Addition of “Note on Use” to the tool

Maybe his next title will be Robert “The Tool Man” Jacoby?

And Because Today is Friday the Thirteenth

Here are 12 superstitions for Friday the 13th – the first of three such days this year:

(Don’t worry. Everything will be fine as long as no one breaks a mirror walking under a ladder inside the house while spilling salt as they open an umbrella.)