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Idomoo Will Moooove You

New York City-based Idomoo (which stands for – “I do movies”) released its next generation Personalized Video Engagement Platform for customer success, marketing and loyalty programs.

It boasts that its personalized videos “generate the highest consumer engagement known in the industry” with a range of customer-types including telecommunication, utilities, banking and insurance, among others. 

The secret, the company claims, is high quality video combined with big data personalization which allows brands to “engage through emotional videos, connect with relevant, meaningful content and satisfy, explain and grow brand affinity.”

The new Idomoo platform includes:

  • Real time video engine
  • Data personalization
  • Idomoo social
  • Multi-channel distribution
  • Data analytics
  • Self-service templates and APIs 

“…our mission is to help brands excel at customer engagement, allowing them to stand out, penetrate, and be effective and relevant,” said Yaron Kalish, Idomoo’s CEO and co-founder.

Coming to a social media site near you soon …

Open Wide : TCN’s Platform + JAWS

TCN, a provider of cloud-based call center technology based in St. George, Utah, announced a virtual call center technology for the visually impaired. Known as Platform 3 VocalVision, its standard features and productivity tools include inbound, outbound, blended, agent dashboard, manual dial and reporting and call analytics.

The optimization was developed to work specifically with the popular screen-reader JAWS (“Job Access With Speech) to help expand work options for individuals with low vision. Platform 3 VocalVision previously had only been offered on a limited basis to various organizations around the country dedicated to creating and supporting jobs for people who are legally blind.

Terrel Bird, CEO and co-founder of TCN, said the platform is designed to meet the needs of the visually impaired community "and open new doors for employment.”

Learning Opportunities

TCN - Platform3-Manager-Barge-in.png

Canto: Going Where the e-Spirit Takes It

This week, e-Spirit announced a partnership linking their content management system, FirstSpirit, with the Cumulus Digit Asset Management system from Canto. According to Lexington, Mass.-based e-Spirit, “Website content managers and marketing editors now benefit from increased efficiency and user-friendliness when creating and maintaining their marketing channels.”

Employing the old adage, “A picture says more than a thousand words,” the company claims that the primary focus for the integration is its “user-friendliness” allowing drag and drop for images, graphics, presentations, PDFs, videos among other files to speed up processes and boost productivity.

Jack McGannon, CEO at Canto, headquartered in San Francisco, said, “We believe in the best-of-breed philosophy and want to make system integration as easy as possible for our customers. That's why we joined with e-Spirit to develop a standard interface for our systems.”

Robert Bredlau, COO and Managing Director at e-Spirit Inc., added, “By combining FirstSpirit and Cumulus, Web media publishing from an external DAM will be a breeze. Online editors can save a lot of time while also guaranteeing the topicality, quality and consistency of media data on their various digital channels.”

One might say Canto has developed a strong sense of e-Spirit de corps.