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Speaking Up for Trees


The Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) wants everyone to turn off their printers on Nov. 6 — World Paper Free Day.

An independent professional association, AIIM is calling attention to “300 million tons of paper produced each year, resulting in almost four billion trees cut down annually."

The initiative aims to show how much paper is wasted and how well we can manage without it. Already more than 100 individuals from companies like IBM, Accenture and HP have pledged to join in the effort.

“We are still drowning in unnecessary paper, at home and at work,” said John Mancini, president of Silver Spring, MD-based AIIM. “If the whole world gets behind this, we could save around 821,918 tons of paper and 10,958,904 trees - that’s got to be worth thinking about.”

AIIM offered the following tips to reduce paper use:

  • Lobby your boss to get on board with the environmental and productivity benefits to be had from going paper-free
  • Use tablets for meeting agendas and supporting documents
  • Use Outlook calendars and apps such as Evernote to reduce ‘to do’ notes and lists
  • Know exactly when you need paper
  • Highlight the role that paper-free processes can play in business improvement initiatives

AIIM is asking everyone — business and individuals — to register for World Paper Free Day and pledge to go paper free taking the pledge,downloading a badge and spreading the word.

For each registration AIIM will make a donation to The Arbor Day Foundation.

And hugging a few trees couldn’t hurt.

You Stream, I Stream

We all Stream for Qstream … Total Finesse announced it is using the Qstream mobile platform for its new RetainIt sales reinforcement solution.

"Using Qstream, we can leverage the latest in mobile technology, gamification, big data analytics and neuroscience to help our clients achieve their strategic business goals more effectively," said Jeremy Malindine, managing director of Total Finesse, headquartered in the UK.

Qstream's solution, developed at Harvard, was “scientifically proven in dozens of clinical trials to change selling behaviors” by using game mechanics.

Louella Morton, managing director, EMEA and vice president of international sales for London, UK-based Qstream, said she was pleased towelcome Total Finesse to the firm's global network of solution providers.

The big question is: who wants Rocky Road, Neapolitan or Tutti-Frutti?

Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma Camilyo

Camilyo, which claims to be “the first white-labeled, all-in-one online marketing platform specifically designed for service providers,” was released this week, boasting “a complete online presence as well as marketing, engagement, e-commerce and customer contact management solutions to help small agencies and freelance service providers deliver big-agency style digital solutions.”

Gil Ilani, CEO of San Francisco-based Camilyo, boasted, “With Camilyo, for the first time, agencies can serve SMBs with effective, affordable solutions that add new revenue streams and grow business for both the agency and their clients.”

Camilyo’s suite of digital marketing tools includes:

  • Agency-grade cross-platform website builder
  • Integrated social marketing management
  • Unified e-commerce solution
  • Comprehensive management dashboard

Now if only the dashboard colors were red, gold and green.


Learning Opportunities

Salesfusion Assemble!

Salesfusion is tapping three leading SugarCRM VAR partners — Epicom, based in Austin, Texas, Highland Solutions, based in Chicago, Ill. and Synolia of Lyon, France — to rapidly increase the number of companies using its marketing automation platform.

The SugarCRM VAR's will offer and promote Salesfusion to their customers around the world. With these reseller agreements, Salesfusion expects to triple its SugarCRM business by mid- 2015.

Amanda Anderson, marketing manager at Epicom, said Salesfusion’s "culture, continuous innovation and focus on solid Sugar integration" makes it a good fit for Epicom.

“We determined it was one of the best solutions to bring to SugarCRM clients in France, ” addedStéphane Calimodio, co-founder and CRM division manager of Synolia.

Stephanie N. Blahut, marketing manager at Highland Solutions, complimented Salesfusion for its "ease of navigation, robust lead scoring and nurturing capabilities, and seamless integration" with its customer relationship management platform.

Pixate Comes Out of Beta

After a private beta, Pixate this week launched its new platform to the public. The service claims it can “enable designers to create 100 percent native app prototypes with complex interactions, gestures, animations and transitions visually — without writing a single line of code.”

Paul Colton, co-founder and CEO of Palo Alto, Calif.-based Pixate said, “We’ve built a completely new kind of product that makes designing these rich mobile interactions extremely easy.” He claims the product works on any screen size, runs anywhere, works in real time and is "inherently collaborative."

Blinded with Science

Interact Intranet 7.5 “the easiest intranet in the world” is out. It uses a “scientific approach to understanding the user journey for effective working,” said Nigel Danson, CEO and founder of New York City-based company.

“Our statistical intelligence comes from our own intranet benchmarking data, launched in 2012, which gives us the necessary insight into how users interact with intranets to find the information they want,” he added.

Some highlights of the Interact Intranet 7.5 release include:

  • Collaboration, knowledge-sharing & crowd sourcing with Interact’s ultimate forums
  • Break down silos, making it easy for people to communicate and collaborate
  • Make it simple for content authors to add great content quickly

You can watch an introductory webinar if you are so inclined.

But did they pass geometry?