News Bites: Salesforce Mobile Reports, Sitecore Partnership, More

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Heading into July, the news keeps flowing. This week: Salesforce introduces mobile reports while Useful Social Media and Millennial Media issue free reports.

Braindigit launches SageCMS, Sitecore and ADAM join forces, text donations grow up and Shufflrr releases its PowerPoint tool.

Salesforce Adds Mobile Reports

CRM giant Salesforce is introducing its Salesforce1 Mobile Reports and Dashboards, so mobile app users can view and analyze business data.

As an example, the company visualized that an auto executive will be able to access her dashboard of expected revenues across dealerships from her phone. After a few taps, Salesforce said, the exec can drill down into the data to figure out why some dealerships are performing better than others, and can extend a special lease offer from her phone to prospective buyers for boosting sales at underperforming locations.

Analytical capabilities include visualizations from third-party chart libraries for animating Salesforce data. Users can also drag and drop charts and dashboards onto record pages to compare data, such as a chart with the top up-sell opportunities placed inside an account record.

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Screens from Salesforce's Mobile Reports

Free Reports on Social Media, Ads

Useful Social Media, a consultancy focused on helping corporations improve their use of social media, held its fifth Corporate Social Media Summer in New York in mid-June, with several dozen speakers from leading social brands.

"No PowerPoint was used," the organizers boasted. To capture the collected non-PowerPoint insights from speakers at the conference, Useful published a free e-book with "ten key takeaways and brand lessons" from the conference. Sample: "Small data > Big data," plus a short explanation of what that and other takeaways mean.

Speaking of smart reports, Millennial Media is out with its free, June 2014 S.M.A.R.T. Report, which features such mobile advertiser trends as top verticals, campaign goals, and post-click actions.

Braindigit Unveils SageCMS

Nepal, Kathmandu-based Braindigit has released the open source SageCMS content management system, which the company describes as "a high end CMS that builds simple, powerful and lightweight dynamic websites."

Learning Opportunities

Built on its previously released ASP.NET-based SageFrame content management framework, SageCMS can also be used to develop information portals. In-page editing, drag-and-drop module editing, free or paid templates, security modules and responsive navigation for different devices/browsers are among the features.

SiteCore + ADAM

Sitecore, a provider of customer experience management, has formed a partnership with digital asset management vendor ADAM Software. The alliance will integrate ADAM's ability to bring up the correct version of media files with Sitecore's workflow aimed toward specific targets, like a social media ad campaign in a specific country.

"ADAM empowers marketers to produce better content faster by providing them with a streamlined command of their production process," Sitecore CSO Darren Guarnaccia said in a statement. "When combined with Sitecore’s world-class experience delivery capabilities, ADAM helps marketers to expand their reach both internally and externally.”

Text Donations

Text-based donations have become the preferred method of contributing, according to the mGive Foundation. The Foundation, whose purpose is to make it easier for nonprofits to carry out an effective text donation campaign, has just released a free text donation study

Shufflrr Releases PowerPoint Tool


A screen from Shufflrr

Shufflrr, a cloud-based document management system for presentations, is now out.

The tool, designed for sales and marketing managers, can be used to expand PowerPoint capabilities. It offers a search engine for finding one slide in a library of thousands, drag-and-drop of individual slides for building a presentation, file/slide sharing, an interactive slideshow, the ability to build a new presentation out of multiple ones, social commenting and more. A free 30-day trial is available.