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And the Battle Goes On…

Don't expect a quick resolution of that legal battle between NetScout Systems and Gartner. Westford, Mass.-based NetScout sued Stamford, Conn.-based Gartner in August over allegations of "corporate defamation" arising out of Gartner's business research practices.

Connecticut Superior Court Judge Charles T. Lee recently approved NetScout's request to delay the case. He pushed back the date for jury selection and the trial to June 7, 2016 — four months later than he originally ordered last November.

NetScout asked for additional time to complete discovery, specifically stemming from ongoing disputes regarding Gartner’s responses to NetScout’s discovery requests and depositions of witnesses. "While Gartner insists on deposing NetScout’s CEO [Anil Singhal] before any other witness, it also has taken the position that its own CEO [Eugene Hall] should not be deposed at all," NetScout attorneys explained in a motion to modify the scheduling order.

The dispute focuses on Gartner's rating of NetScout as a "Challenger" rather than a "Leader." NetScout objects to the rating it received in one of Gartner's Magic Quadrant (MQ) industry reports because it thinks its ranking is based, in part, by its unwillingness to "pay to play."

Meet WordPress 4.2

Now that WordPress 4.2 has been on the streets for almost a month, what’s cool about it?

First, the name. The update is called “Powell” in honor of jazz pianist Bud Powell. It’s available for download or update in your WordPress dashboard.

New features in 4.2 help you communicate and share, globally, according to WordPress officials.

“Once installed you can share your content with lightning speed,” representatives from San Francisco-based WordPress said. “Sharing your favorite videos, images, and content has never been this fast or this easy.”

WordPress 4.2 supports new characters out-of-the-box, including native Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters, musical and mathematical symbols and hieroglyphs.

Emoji are now available in WordPress.

WordPress users can also paste links from and Kickstarter and watch them “magically appear right in the editor. With every release, your publishing and editing experience gets closer together.”

According to WordPress officials, a team of 283 contributors helped release the latest WordPress update with dozens of new features and a total of 231 bug fixes.

“I’ve run the update on dozens of sites and not had any issues, and I’ve always found WordPress core updates are always solid,” SitePoint’s Chris Burgess of blogged. “It’s usually your themes and plugins that you need to pay closer attention to and make sure that you’ve tested your updates in your development or testing environment. It’s also a good reminder as to why you should only be using quality themes and plugins that are actively developed. Good quality themes and plugins should have published release notes by now, so check them out.”

SDL Innovate 2015 Roundup

Maidenhead, England-based SDL announced new solutions and research at its company conference SDL Innovate this week in San Francisco.

SDL announced Digital Experience Accelerator, a new component of the SDL Customer Experience Cloud.

It is an open-source based product that officials claimed reduces website implementation time from weeks to days. Features include in-context editing, rich media, targeting, personalization and localization. It is free and available under an Apache 2.0 license.

SDL also announced Customer Journey Analytics and Social Media Monitoring as additions to SDL’s social intelligence offering, another component of the SDL Customer Experience Cloud.

Brands can measure and enhance customer experiences across markets by converting social data from multilingual online conversations into actionable insight in real-time, SDL officials said.

Using this technology, marketers can understand which messages are resonating with customers, what part of the customer journey may need attention and the intricate differences in customer sentiment across markets.

SDL also announced new global research of 2,784 consumers across nine countries and three generations that revealed CX failures impact a customer’s brand loyalty and perception of the brand overall.

Nearly 65 percent of respondents said they would start looking for an alternate brand, stop recommending the organization or actively disparage the company via word of mouth, social media or other online channels after experiencing a CX failure.

One-third of customers experiencing such failures are never coming back. The ones who do come back despite company shortcomings?

Companies should offer after failures a genuine and personal apology, admit the failure and perhaps offer discounts/credits related to the failure.

Choose Your Marketing Adventure

Taking a page from “choose your own adventure” books, Vidyard and SnapApp are partnering to launch interactive customer engagement videos to that they claim will “offer new ways to gather customer insights.”

Instead of standard text style quizzes, surveys, and contests, the information is displayed in a video format with a “host” asking questions, onscreen options for responses, which lead to screens based on those responses, which, according to officials, creates “a two-way conversation with their audiences and drives deeper engagement in their content experiences.”

Michael Litt, CEO of Kitchener, Ontario-based Vidyard stated: “We have already seen that video is the best way for B2B brands to engage with their audiences throughout all stages of the buying journey.”

“Interactivity turns the typical one-way marketing monologue into a real dialogue with our prospects that adds value for everyone,” added Seth Lieberman, CEO of Newton, Mass. based SnapApp.

A demo of the product is on the Vidyard blog. The companies will be hosting a joint webinar on June 24.

An Insightful Acquisition?

This week MHI Global, part of the TwentyEighty portfolio owned by Providence Equity, announced its acquisition of sales effectiveness and benchmarking firm CSO Insights, which officials boast “will be the only research company dedicated to understanding the strategic issues that are affecting the performance and productivity of the B2B sales force.”

CSO Insights will integrate with the MHI Research Institute division of MHI Global. Joe Galvin, Chief Research Officer of the Littleton, Colo. based MHI Research Institute stated: “This acquisition augments the already impressive library of B2B data and research we offer by adding the long-held wisdom of CSO Insights to our own wealth of information at the MHI Research Institute.”

Jim Dickie, managing partner and co-founder of CSO Insights, headquartered in Boulder, Colo., added that the move “expands our research capabilities and broadens our reach.” Barry Trailer, managing partner and co-founder of CSO Insights said: “We are excited to be joining forces with the leading sales performance company in the world.”

CKEditor in Chief

Anyone who writes copy needs a good editor (as is evidenced time and again on this site). But not everyone has the necessary resources to have such editors at their beck and call. CKSource’s CKEditor, which claims to be “one of the most popular WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) web text editors worldwide,” is an alternate resource to fill that gap.

This week CKSource announced the release of Accessibility Checker, a tool for checking and fixing accessibility issues in web content. The feature is currently available for CKEditor 4.3.0 or later and will allow users see whether content conforms to current World Wide Web Consortium or US Government web accessibility standards “with just a few mouse clicks.”

Michal Pik, CEO of Warsaw, Poland based CKSource stated: “From now on CKEditor enables you to create fully accessible content on the go.”

Interested? You can demo the Accessibility Checker here.


Act! Now

Contact management and email marketing provider Swiftpage announced this week the availability of a new subscription plan for its Act! Portfolio, which they boast will simplify receiving upgrades, eliminate upfront licensing costs and offer “pay as you go” options, among other features.

H. John Oechsle, president and CEO of Denver Colo. based Swiftpage stated: “By offering the Act! subscription plan, we are able to provide our customers with a more affordable and flexible solution to meet their business’s needs.”

Swiftpage will offer subscriptions in both desktop and cloud versions of Act!

(CMSWire reporters Noreen Seebacher and Dom Nicastro also contributed to this story.)