Nimble Launches v3.0: Pulls Out Important Signals, Enhanced Search
A Pandora for relationship management. That’s how Nimble describes version 3.0 of its social relationship manager platform, because of a Rules Engine that curates engagement opportunities, birthdays, job changes and “people of importance.” Sort of like setting up a station on Pandora, but built around people you want to stay in contact with.

Nimble’s social CRM is designed for management of contacts, communications, activities and sales. Functions include contact management, unified communications, activity management, social listening, sales & marketing and access to an apps marketplace. The new release is designed to bring opportunities to the surface, based on relationships and actions/data about users.


CEO and founder Jon Ferrara said in a statement that, “by pulling important signals from the noise, Nimble learns more about the types of people and information that are important to each person using the platform.” He added that his company is “spearheading an entirely new Nimble experience to expose users to things about their network that they didn’t previously know.”

This signal-from-noise approach is an increasingly important differentiator for a wide range of customer management tools, including CRM, sales and marketing automation, e-commerce and customer experience managers. In part, it is the result of new generations of analytical tools that are deriving insights from the deluge of data, and in part because of the widespread use of models to predict behavior based on aggregated patterns.

Nimble’s new homepage presents the day’s opportunities, and features a to-do list, personalized engagement options, ongoing deals and such milestones as job changes or birthdays. A Signals screen combines invites, likes, shares, connection requests and mentions across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for centralized control of social media relationship building.

Search, Integration

The service’s search function has been enhanced, now offering exact matches across any group or Tag, and there's an automatic sort by the last contact for a user or team, so that users can quickly find people they might want to keep in touch with. The platform automatically provides tracking of all communications.

Version 3.0 also now offers, via several outside cloud services, automatic integration with services such as MailChimp, ExactTarget, Constant Contact, Vertical Response, Netsuite, ClickDesk, Contact Monkey, Evernote, HootSuite, QuickBooks and others.