At the LeWeb conference in Paris, Nokia has just shown off another model to broaden its Windows Phone 8 arsenal. The Lumia 620 packs most of its big brother's features, but without the cost. 

Power Without the Price

Nokia still does a roaring trade on feature phones, but is struggling to build market share with its Windows Phone 8 Lumia devices, even after the hype of the WP8 launch. Complaints about the bulky Lumia 920 might be preventing some adoption, so this new, smaller, less expensive model might help do the trick. 

While the processor and specs are a little lighter, its still got NFC, a decent 5MP camera and all the other features you'd want. That includes a 3.8-inch 480x800 ClearBlack LCD, 8GB on-board storage with free 7GB of SkyDrive and a microSD expansion slot. Coming with an approximate €200 price tag (US$249, £160), in a range of colors, it could be WP8's breakthrough device. 


Learning Opportunities

The Nokia Lumia 620 will appear first early next year in Asia and the Middle East, hopefully hitting America and Europe shortly after.

A Vibrant Future

The phones might looks super-colorful and that is down in part to a new design process. The dual-shot process adds a second layer of colored, transparent or translucent polycarbonate on top of a base layer to produce secondary colour blends and depth effects. That should help it stand out in stores. 

That, the 1,300mHa battery and Nokia features like  lenses, Nokia Maps and Nokia Music, this could be the phone that people use to experiment with something other than an Android or Apple device. The only thing really missing is 4G, but for most users that is hardly a critical issue.