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  Following Microsoft's Azure and Google's Talk crash into the technology kerbside, Twitter has keeled over and gone to join the choir invisible, taking with it everyone's favorite way of moaning about the first two outages. 


Pining for the Fjords

Twitter has just joined the other Internet-based services having trouble today, now showing as inaccessible or over limit, and getting SSL errors when trying to connect via mobile. That's in both the U.S. and the U.K.

The site's service page isn't showing anything yet but we've seen multiple reports suggesting the same thing. We'll update the story once we get more news. With the Microsoft Azure and Google Talk events still ongoing, who is next, and how will we all cope? 

UPDATE: Twitter has just updated the services page with the barest of news. 


UPDATE: Around 1:30PM EST, the service seems to have come back up, all is well again in the cosmos. 

Stay Tuned...

Twitter outages tend to get a disproportionate amount of headlines because that is where most people turn to complain about outages, and find news in situations like this. See you all on Facebook? 


We'll keep an eye out for official updates, please let us know if the outage is affecting you (and where you are).