Open Source ImpressPages CMS 3.4 Released

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Open Source ImpressPages CMS 3.4 Released
Open source CMS ImpressPages is up to version 3.4, and the latest release features a new file browser, the ability to build custom layouts, and the development team has committed to monthly updates from here.

File Browser + Layouts

ImpressPages is really designed for the non technical user, and as such, having a drag and drop interface for the file browser adds a worthwhile dose of familiarity. ImpressPages has added just such a feature in version 3.4, and there's an upload now button in addition to the drag and drop option for adding files.

That means multiple files can be uploaded at once, and they are now listed by upload date so they are more logically organized. Custom layout apparently was an oft requested feature, and developers have included it in this release as well. The layout must be created inside a theme, and then it can be selected on any page it is needed on.

For the August update, developers are planning on integrating the Theme Market directly in the core of ImpressPages CMS, that way more third party themes will be just a click away.

ImpressPages for SMBs

As a free, downloadable CMS, anyone can use ImpressPages for their online projects, but as noted above, it is designed with the business user in mind, and may have limited appeal in the enterprise. For teams or for small and medium sized businesses, it would be a good fit. Unfortunately, there is a wide variety of these types of PHP based, free, open source systems out there, and comparing them can be time consuming.

Learning Opportunities

ImpressPages could be a good fit for any number of businesses, but it all depends on the use case. Looking to build an ecommerce site? A handful of related landing pages for an existing company site? Need to create a Web magazine for a small publication? Each of these use cases may or may not be a good fit with ImpressPages, TYPO3, Tiki CMS, XOOPS or other free, open source, PHP based systems.

Tiki CMS, for example, has updated its file browser with drag and drop functionality this month as well, so the functionality there is quite similar. Is it easier to use than ImpressPages? Possibly, but that kind of thing needs to be taken up with the people who are going to be using it, evaluation wise.

Tell us in the comments if you are in need of or are using a lightweight CMS like ImpressPages, and generally what kind of project it's used for.