Oracle is extending its infrastructure to Japan, offering local access for its customer experience services. This week, the technology giant announced that it was opening a data center in that country, especially to support its RightNow Cloud Service. 

The new data center in Japan is part of the company’s worldwide expansion of cloud-based services, and follows by a few weeks the opening of a second data center in Australia. The company told news media that “having a data center within a specific region allows Oracle to better manage the service level objectives and data governance for customers” in that area.

Five Modules

Mark Hurd, President of Oracle, noted in a statement that this newest data center can help to simplify IT so that customers “can focus on business innovation.” He added that the service can “free them from the burden of software management, allowing them to have more resources to engage with their customers.”

Oracle Cloud provides subscription-based software-as-a-service applications, platform as a service and social capabilities. Those services include sales force automation, human resources, talent management and databases, as well as Oracle RightNow. In late 2011, Oracle purchased RightNow Technologies, a provider of cloud-based customer service for call centers, the Web and social networks.

Oracle RightNow Cloud Service offers Web, social and contact center services in the Cloud via a managed environment, through five modules -- Web Experience, Social Experience, Contact Center Experience, Engage and the Service Experience Platform.

Oracle RightNow Web Experience.png
Oracle RightNow Web Experience

Customer Self-Service

RightNow’s Web Experience offers customer self-service for researching, making purchases or resolving issues from mobile or desktop devices, as well as email management and a co-browsing service between an agent and a customer.

The Social Experience component features a social monitor service for joining conversations in social media about the company’s products and services, a CRM tool for Facebook and a support community cloud for customers to share their experiences. The Contact Center allows call center agents to capture, track, assign and manage customer requests across channels, Engage fosters customer feedback and response, and the Service Experience platform provides a secure delivery platform.