PageLever's Facebook Page Analytics Tool Outshines Insights
There's been a lot of buzz this week about PageLever (news, site), a service that allegedly makes Facebook Insights look like an analytics tool for beginners.  


PageLever is a Mountain View-based company that began quietly developing its Facebook Page analytics tool at the beginning of this year. Designed to help admins better understand data and refine their marketing strategies, PageLever's offering specializes in analyzing data from private APIs (after access is granted to PageLever by Page admins).

The tool can display impressions for any date range as well as separate uniques from repeats so that you can see your true reach:


PageLever can also tell you when when and where fans “unliked” your page, and which type of content — photos, video, text or flash — your audience responds to best, by analyzing individual posts. You can see the gender and locale of everyone who left comments on your post, plus a graph of impressions and engagement over time.

Wrote co-founder Jeff Widman on the company's official blog:

Figuring out what types of content your fans LOVE is one of the hardest challenges for any fan page marketer–so often we resort to our 'gut', which is heavily influenced by what content we might personally like. Now you’ve got some actual data to see what they like and what they don’t.

Obviously, the hope is that by cluing brands into which types of content perform best, and what fan demographics are most engaged, users will be inspired to shift their publishing strategies towards the type of posts and apps that succeed. 

Low Price, Big Fans

The service hooks in through the Facebook Insights API, meaning if Facebook gets tired of being shown up by the application, it could remove access entirely. But for now, the platform is gaining a lot of good, as PageLever's users include Microsoft, YouTube, Kayak and agency 22Squared. 

PageLever is available with plans beginning at US$ 34 per month for brands with 5 pages and up to 50,000 fans. Pricing scales up to US$ 94 a month with support for up to 5 million fans, as well as multiple user accounts, and plans for brands with even larger fanbases are available as well.

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