Cloud based web content management (WCM) solution provider PaperThin Inc. has announced its latest release. The release, which is one of four planned for 2012, is heavily focused on providing new tools for marketers.

New Features for Marketers

Yesterday, we reported some of the contention occurring in software-as-a-service WCM market. Vendors entice customers with promises of low entry costs and even lower technical barriers, but not everyone’s so sure. No matter what your particular stance is on the matter, it’s clear the market is continuing to expand and vendors, like PaperThin, are racing to adapt their products to the cloud and offer customers new features.

PaperThin released a cloud-based version of its WCM platform, CommonSpot, in July of last year; now the company is introducing more changes. PaperThin made several improvements to the WCM platform. Most of the new features are squarely targeted at improving usability for marketers:

  • Visitor context rules that allow marketers to target content based on the visitor’s demographic or behavior details
  • Google analytics integration
  • Support for SEO redirects and vanity URL to preserve search engine rankings if a site is reorganized

Platforms Updates Included

In addition to the marketing related features, PaperThin also made several updates to the core platform like:

  • New browser support for Google Chrome, FireFox 10 and Mac Safari
  • Drag-and-drop multi-file upload
  • New reports to see scheduled content
  • Performance improvements like better cache management

All enhancements apply to the on-premises and cloud-based versions of PaperThin’s CommonSpot Web CMS.

PaperThin is also moving to a quarterly release cycle, which will provide customers more frequent updates and better predictability. Interestingly, instead of going with the old predictable 1,2,3,4 or more detailed Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, PaperThin has elected to label its releases Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. I suppose that provides the delivery some flexibility since they could always say, “Oh, we didn’t mean Winter in North America,” if there are issues meeting a release target; this is merely a theory.

You can request a personal demo or register for a public demo by contacting PaperThin; you can also request a software evaluation. Are you currently using or considering a cloud-based content management solution. Has it lived up to all of your ease of use expectations? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so post a comment.