Looking for a better Pinterest experience on your Android, iPhone, or iPad? Pinterest is rolling out iOS 2.4 and Android 1.5, chock full of updates designed to make Pinning on the go much easier. 

Pinterest On the Go

Pinterest’s new mobile updates include notifications, so users can see who commented on a pin or mentioned them in real time; the ability to mention other Pinners within their comments -- much the same way you can do on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; as well as easier search functionality


Pinterest notifications for mobile


Pinterest's mobile search suggests search terms as you type and lets user see recent searches made from other places.

More Pinspiration, Less Perspiration

Considering that a recent study found that nearly 42 percent of  “pinterest moms” said that they sometimes suffer from Pinterest stress – the worry that they’re not crafty or creative enough, these new updates will hopefully help to alleviate some of that stress by letting users stay up-to-date, and search for inspiration more easily. 

These updates come on heels of other updates, like a Chrome extension that allows users to find images, videos, songs or other pinnable stuff across the web and easily pin them to their boards; and an overall new look that that's been rolling out since March. All of which indicated that Pinterest aims to make the art of pinning as seamless as possible as users move between screens and devices.