Longtime enterprise web content management provider pTools went live with its Saas model this week at the Dublin Web Summit, and it's the culmination of years of methodical work.

WCM is a crowded segment, but we always welcome simple tools that provide tons of functionality in an easy to understand way. pTools specializes in the finance, government, security and utility sectors, so simplicity is one thing those folks need in spades.

Cloud Lifting IT to New Heights

Gartner researchers have estimated WCM Saas revenue will reach US $22.1 billion by 2015, and pTools is now in position to take advantage of that. It helps that the company was listed in Gartner's long-list of vendors in the Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management 2012 report for the first time.

Furthermore, as the Dublin Web Summit is one of Europe's top IT conferences, the timing of pTools' launch should help the company as well. pTools is based in Dublin, so the team is no doubt riding high now. 

"It’s the realization of what CMS has always promised," Tom Skinner, pTools founder said in a blog post.

"CMS has offered customers the Martini idea; that is the idea of being able to manipulate and consume content anytime any place anywhere. Cloud and SaaS does just that in way that is simple and obvious but also revolutionary."


pTools lives in the cloud now.

pTools Saas Features

All of pTools functionality is now cloud based, and that means quick easy sign up, disaster recovery, Microsoft SharePoint access, enterprise class security and yearly or monthly subscription fees.

In the last two years, pTools has increasingly embraced social media capabilities, and is now looking for a more global footprint. Additionally, all the WCM functions one would expect from an enterprise ready vendor -- from workflow, document management and forms to content management and learning content management -- are there.

Pricing is dependent on customer needs, but fully customized, scalable services are available, as is the magic of the Saas model.