When you have a question, where do you go? Google? Quora? LinkedIn? While each of these platforms help to solve your pressing questions, they may not be providing you with the best answers.

In Information We Trust?

Harris Interactive released the results of a survey [PDF] conducted in late June 2012 of over 1,900 American adults who look for answers online. Respondents revealed that nearly all of them (98 percent) find reasons to distrust the information they find online, including:

  • Too many ads -- 59%
  • Outdated information -- 56%
  • Information is self-promotional -- 53%
  • Unfamiliar forums -- 45%

Enter Mancx. Mancx provides a trusted online community for business answers that allows for private individuals to openly or anonymously buy and sell their knowledge with others in a trusted, fully transactional and secure environment. 

An Exchange of Knowledge

You can sign up with Mancx using LinkedIn or Facebook or by creating a new Mancx account from scratch. From there, users build a profile, ask and share questions across their networks, earn money by answering questions, and build their own network of trusted sources, all while exploring the Mancx community.

Mancx finds questions based on your personal preferences and skills, and presents only the most relevant questions. Users can even have queries sent to them by email and are also able to explore all of the available questions by browsing the site manually.


Questions with a higher price are generally more likely to get answered, so it’s important to keep that in mind when setting your price. If you choose to buy information from another person you’ll pay the price agreed upon with the seller. The seller then receives 80 percent of the total price. Conversely, users can sell their knowledge by building a profile that promotes skills, experience and services.


Unlike other question and answer sites, Mancx is not a wiki. Their goal is to match people on a one-to-one basis, so users can get the right answer from the right person.

Become a Paid Expert

For companies looking to assert their authority in a specific industry or trade category, Mancx may provide them a way to share their knowledge across their networks and get paid for it. Some may feel uncomfortable giving away information for free or consider what they know to be a valuable asset, making Mancx a viable business community of which to become a part.