Salesforce Adds Instant Messaging, Screensharing to Chatter

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If Salesforce Chatter isn’t chatty enough for you, then the announcement today that Salesforce will be making Chatter Messenger and Screensharing generally available next month should come as good news.

The announcement, which was made as part of the Cloudforce Social Enterprise tour during its London will mean that enterprises that have signed up for Chatter will be able to use the new Instant Messaging service, along with the new Chatter Screensharing.

Both solutions do exactly what you think they should do; IM offers instant messaging across the cloud, while the ScreenSharing service means that where conversation doesn’t suffice, users will also be able to share their screens, or what’s appearing on their screens.

What’s even better about this is that is absolutely free -- or free, at least, to any users that have already signed up to Chatter.

Salesforce, Chatter

Leaving aside the marketing blurbs around the announcement from companies that have already had a look at it,Salesforce says that there are already 150,000 enterprise Chatter networks around the world.

Learning Opportunities

Salesforce says that traditional collaboration technologies have failed to create connected enterprises. Instead, using email, file management systems, messaging platforms and more have enabled the creation of collaborative spaces, with large parts of the enterprise left out of conversations.

IM, Screensharing

With Chatter, Salesforce says, users can engage in in-context conversations on one platform. The two new products go a step further and turn these “islands” of collaboration into an entire collaborative enterprise.The new products combined enable:

  • Instant Messaging: This offers an IM solution within Chatter itself, which means users won’t have to depend on unsecured messaging services from third parties. It will also help IT departments by providing services that don’t require expensive hardware and software to manage.In addition, employees will be able to keep chatting even when they minimize or visit another webpage by putting Chatter Messenger into a separate browser window:
  • Individual and Group Chat: This provides the option of one-to-one or multi-person chats with up to ten people on the go at the same time.
  • Presence: Users will be able to see what people are in chat at any given time and connect with those online through Chatter.
  • Chat Roster: Chatter Messenger populates each employee's chat roster with the employee's social graph. Users can also add up to 100 people and groups to their "My Favorites" list and these will always appear at the top of the chat list.
  • Chatter Screensharing: This enables employees to share anything on their screens with their colleagues from a chat session.

Chatter Messenger is currently scheduled to be generally available in June and will be free for all Salesforce customers, including Chatter.com customers. Chatter Screensharing is currently scheduled to be available as a limited pilot in Q3 of 2012.