Salesforce Debuts Salesforce1 for Building Mobile Apps #DF13

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Companies using Salesforce software as the base of their online businesses now have a more full bodied mobile app building toolkit. The product, Salesforce1, debuted today at the company's Dreamforce 2013 conference.

Salesforce AppExchange Front and Center

Salesforce has long appeared anti-software because its sales and marketing applications run on a system located beyond their clients'own servers. The cloud now seems to reign supreme in the mind of many enterprises. And Salesforce is pushing ahead once again on this very front.

With Salesforce1, customers can build mobile optimized apps for any device, the company boasts. It's a bold contention given the track record of many a back office customer relationship management applications. Until now, many of Salesforce's core systems have not been exposed to mobile device access.

Saesforce1, which the company claims was built API first, allows developers and independent software vendors to ramp up their development cycles so they can offer more capabilities and get to market faster. Companies like Dropbox, Evernote and LinkedIn are reportedly involved in the debut of Salesforce1, a case that points to how serious Salesforce is about being more available on mobile devices everywhere.

The more mobile apps that can link up to Salesforce, the more valuable the ecosystem becomes — a fact belied by more than two million total downloads of the Salesforce AppExchange.

Salesforce Debuts Salesforce1 for Building Mobile Apps
Throughout 2013, Salesforce has been building out the functionality of its mobile apps like Chatter.

Focus on Mobile, CRM Admins

Back in February, Salesforce rolled out what it called a mobile app development platform. The Salesforce1 release seems to build on that. Salesforce1 reportedly include 10 times more APIs on which  developers can build into their apps, including Visualforce pages and components.

Visualforce is a customization framework developers have been using to build their apps. It has also been upgraded to a system called Visualforce1. This product looks to be even more customizable with the ability to combine components and integrate other services into app that run on Salesforce1.

Learning Opportunities

Additionally, a Salesforce1 Admin app allows for control over these far reaching mobile apps. If more workers are using more Salesforce tools on the go, it follows that admins should be able to access those apps remotely. The Salesforce1 Admin app can get real time updates from users and can reset passwords, and freeze or deactivate people from a particular device.

Salesforce1 is expected to be available today to all customers.  We see any advance in core Salesforce functionality on mobile devices as a positive step. The company's competitors will also take notice, which of course is part of the point. CMSWire is live at Dreamforce 2013 all this week and there will be much more on this development as the conference rolls on.

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