Companies who have international customers can now do business in 39 additional languages and dialects at the Salesforce owned customer support service

No, pages don’t have a translation tool (though that would be awesome), but customers who do need support in French, German or Chinese, for example, will be able to get help in their native language starting June 6.

Customers in the Cloud is helping disrupt the customer service business by allowing support to go through phone, email and social media networks, all in one place. It’s really a continuation of Saleforce’s Service Cloud for the enterprise, but is better suited for small and medium sized businesses.

When international customers visit a company’s site for customer service, the system will recognize their supported language and then route them to the appropriate service agent. Furthermore, a new feature will make it easy to post translated versions of documents and track if changes are made to the translated versions when the primary document is updated.

Organizations can also create Help Centers and knowledge bases in different languages.

Multilingual Translations Status Icons.png

 Translation Management makes it easy to see which pages need to be translated. 

Customer Service the Difference Maker? debuted in early 2012, so the platform cannot be said to be taking over the customer support industry just yet. But, by making it easy to use, inexpensive and feature rich, the system could see fairly wide adoption pretty quickly.

The difference, of course, will be if it can actually help companies provide satisfactory support to customers. If so, then it seems both companies and customers would be happy. The problem with that is, companies and customers don't always agree on what good customer service actually looks like.

Additionally, as these new features indicate, companies now have access to an even wider audience thanks to social media. By interacting with customers in their own language, those customers will be able to give better feedback, and most importantly, solve their problems faster and easier.